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    Retro Texting Smart Watch of the Future!

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    Apple watch, schmapple watch! Who wants a smartwatch that’s bloated with software that you don’t really need? Do you long for simple tech times when pagers were part of the daily gadget load out? Do you have a need for the retro flair of calculator watches? Join DJ as he builds his own watch capable of sending and receiving text messages that have a design flair from the ’80s.



    Bill of Materials


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    Arduino MKR GSM 1400ARDUINO1Buy NowBuy Now
    SMT Tactile SwitchMULTICOMP16Buy NowBuy Now
    LiPo BatteryADAFRUIT1Buy NowBuy Now
    GSM AntennaADAFRUIT1Buy NowBuy Now
    3D Filament 3mmVerbatim1Buy NowBuy Now
    Nokia LCDADAFRUIT1Buy NowBuy Now
    SPDT Slide SwitchNKK SWITCHES1Buy NowBuy Now
    30AWG Magnet WireBELDEN1Buy NowBuy Now