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    Welcome to the PiCasso Design Challengers Page!

    Our 'PiCasso' Design Challenge, a collaboration/association with the Pi Foundation, has now launched.  The 15+ Challengers will use the Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ to create a masterpiece, from an art installation to a home decoration.  These Challengers will receive a Kit for FREE.

    It's been a wonderful month of amazing and varied applications, so much so that we've upped the sponsored challengers from 15 to 20.  They ranged from interactive canvases, reactive trees, and computer vision installations to art exhibitions.


    Please join us in congratulating the official sponsored Challengers.  We look forward to reading all your initial blogs introducing your project designs.

    Attila Tőkés | Brenda Armour | Dale Winhold | David A Ray | Douglas Wong | Enrico Miglino | Eric Jorgensen | Frank Milburn | Gene Breniman | Huber Giron | Kay Hildebrandt | Luis Ortiz | Mark Schmit | Matthew Gilmour | Milos Rasic | Pranjal Ranjan | Sergey Vlasov | Shwetank Vishnu | Vincent Wong | Wesley Gardner

    Attila Tőkés


    Artificial Intelligence powered CNC Painting Machine

    Synopsis: With some spare stepper motors and CNC parts, I will build a Raspberry Pi powered AI Painting Machine.  The machine uses a photo image to recreate the artwork into a famous painter's style on paper through AI algorithm methods.

    Attila Tőkés project blogs

    Brenda Armour


    Power Pi Image Processing

    Synopsis: Using the Process for Pi to create a unique photo imaging.

    Brenda Armour's project blogs

    Dale Winhold


    POV Globe

    Synopsis: An LED Persistence of Vision (POV) Globe using the Raspberry Pi to control the image - a modern piece of tech art. Persistence of vision traditionally refers to the optical illusion that occurs when visual perception of an object does not cease for some time after the rays of light proceeding from it have ceased to enter the eye.

    Dale Winhold's project blogs

    David A Ray


    Bot DingsAlot 2000

    Synopsis: A hand bell playing robot exhibit to include other physical instruments  and 30 bells.  It has a MIDI keyboard controller to allow an onlooker to interact with the bell machine and  a 'jukebox' mode where songs can be selected by a user or at random.

    David A Ray's project blogs

    Douglas Wong



    Synopsis: A special art tool and presentation system to feature the presenter using this tool as he/she host a performanace art piece.  It highlights the process of creating art into a spectator sport captured in video.

    Douglas Wong's project blogs

    Enrico Miglino


    Art-a-tronic exhibition: Mannequin

    Synopsis: A digital events and art installations with a Raspberry Pi control system embedded inside a vintage mannequin.  It will be a mix of art, animation, and IoT.

    Enrico Miglino's project blogs

    Eric Jorgensen


    Tableau- Light & Motion Interactive Art Installation

    Synopsis: I will be combining a Raspberry Pi with various input devices (such as motion sensors, distance sensors, microphones, etc) to create a dynamic ever changing light show.  The colorful display changes depending on the people and their activities in the room.

    Eric Jorgensen's project blogs

    Frank Milburn


    Adapting Art to Ages

    Synopsis: Adapting Art to Ages will explore an idea using AI to recognize the age and possibly more characteristics of the viewer and adapt the art.  The work would thus be attractive to all household members and encourage early art appreciation.

    Frank Milburn's project blogs

    Gene Breniman


    Kinetic Art Mobile

    Synopsis: A hanging mobile, where the objects are controllable.  At the end of each arm (pivoting around a central shaft) of the mobile would be a object that contains a small electric fan that can provide propulsion, to cause the object to move.  My idea was to have each of the object act out an emotion, i.e  playful, fearful, anger, etc.

    Gene Breniman's project blogs

    Huber Giron


    Video Mapping Wall and Human Tracking with Computer Vision

    Synopsis: The project consists of an interactive fabric wall with a mechanical actuator that can obtain 3D curved reliefs.  It also has a projector that shows changing artistic compositions according to the external noise of the environment.

    Huber Giron's project blogs

    Kay Hildebrandt



    Crazy Moving Solar Tree

    Synopsis:  A solar tree that tracks the sun, save power to a battery, use this power for the RASPI and collects data from the surrounding, as picture temperature, moisture, CO and so on and distribute this information over wireless.

    Kay Hildebrandt's project blogs

    Luis Ortiz


    Hologram Pi-ramid

    Synopsis: A Holographic Pyramid display which uses the Pepper's ghost principle to create a 3-D illusion.  Symmetrically opposite images appear to float in mid-air and are visible from different angles.

    Luis Ortiz's project blogs

    Mark Schmit


    Basement Suite View of the World

    Synopsis: This "window" view respond to the time of day and local weather conditions.  It project images from internet resources to give real-time equivalent of outdoor weather and time in any location with a personalized experience.

    Mark Schmit's project blogs

    Matthew Gilmour


    Immortal Bloom 3.0

    Synopsis: A jellyfish sculpture made of recycled materials and textiles, utilising light and colour in each jellyfish. It mimics that natural forms of jellyfishes.

    Matthew Gilmour's project blogs

    Milos Rasic


    DiPinto Da BRACCIO

    Synopsis: A functional art piece in the form of an arm that can create art works in the braccio (dot) style, vector, etc.  It features topics like weather, etc.

    Milos Rasic's project blogs

    Pranjal Ranjan



    Synopsis: A system based on the Pi that offers the following features: Neural Style Transfer that transforms an image to a particular artist's style, and Art Installation to exhibit it on screen.

    Pranjal Ranjan's project blogs

    Sergey Vlasov


    Smart Home Orchestra And Mood Mediator (SHOAMM)

    Synopsis: SHOAMM will sense the home environment and choose a music piece according to it's state.  Each sensor will have a digital twin  orchestra musical instrument.  Depending on its state it will conduct different types of music with varying volumes and color.

    Sergey Vlasov's project blogs

    Shwetank Vishnu


    Musical Pi-Caso

    Synopsis: As the title goes, this is an interactive environment for people by technical art installation. The product is a wall mount display that controls lighting, sound and displays art images on screen.

    Shwetank Vishnu's project blogs

    Vincent Wong


    Colorful Rotating Chinese Lantern

    Synopsis: A rotating lantern with changing colors that is both, artistic and holistic.  It provides healing color moods, making a more peaceful environment.

    Vincent Wong's project blogs

    Wesley Gardner



    Synopsis: A Massive custom working Pi 3B+ possibly turned into coffee table or art installation.

    Wesley Gardner's project blogs

    Interested in joining the Challengers? You can do it as a non-sponsored Challenger! Here's how:

    Simply get the low-cost Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+, integrate it into your project, and post 10 blogs about your design journey in the PiCasso Design Challenge (tagging your blogs 'PiCasso') and you'll be eligible to win the awesome prizes.


    Read full terms & conditions for more details.

    Good Luck Everyone!