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    We’re calling on all of element14's makers, hobbyists, and engineers to experiment with polymer capacitors. All experimenters are eligible to win a Keysight InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series Digital Oscilloscope.

    Who Can Join?

    Anyone can join the 'Experimenting with Polymer Capacitors' competition by including at least one of the kit's polymer capacitors in his/her experiments. But to receive one of 9 FREE Polymer Capacitor Kits, you need to submit an application by the extended enrollment deadline, 22 April 2019.



    Any element14 member can participate in this competition. If you are not a member, go here to register.


    Preparing to Write Your Application

    If you want to get a chance to obtain our FREE Polymer Capacitor Kit, you will need to submit an application before the deadline. The key to a winning application is to provide as much meaningful information about your proposed experiments as possible.


    Please don't write a book! The application should be detailed enough to give the judges a good idea of what you plan to do and how you plan to pull it off. By answering each of the following questions in your application, you will provide the judges with the information they need to make their decisions:


    (a) Describe your electronics background.


    (b) How much do you know about polymer capacitors?


    (c) Did you take the element14 Polymer Capacitor Quiz? (Yes or No)


    (d) Have you watched the element14 Polymer Capacitor Videos? (Yes or No)


    (e) What kind of experiment(s) do you plan to perform? (Be as specific as you can)


    (f) Have you participated in the element14 community? If so, please provide some links to what you've done. If you are a new member, answer "New Member."


    Application Instructions

    All interested element14 members must submit an application before the end of enrollment to be in the running for our FREE Polymer Capacitor kit.


    1. Please complete all required information (contact information, etc.)

    In the Project Title field, just fill in "Experimenting with Polymer Capacitors" or your member name.

    Please use the email address that is associated with your element14 profile. In the event that you use another address, please provide your member name in the Project Title field.


    2. Complete the open comments section of the form.

    Tell us why you want to be selected for the FREE Polymer Capacitor kit. When you plan what you are writing, think about the following things:

    • You are competing for a place. The most persuasive applications are the ones that attract the eye of the selection team.
    • A single sentence application will never be selected. This competition is not a game of chance.
    • Be as detailed as possible, but don't write a book.


    Anyone Can Join the Experimenting With Polymer Capacitors Design Challenge!

    Anyone can join the 'Experimenting with Polymer Capacitors' competition by including one of the polymer capacitors in his/her experiments, but to receive one of the 9 FREE Polymer Capacitor Kits, you need to submit an application by the deadline.


    The deadline for application submissions is 22 April 2019.


    General Questions

    For any general questions about the Experimenting with Polymer Capacitors competition, please post a comment on this page.


    To keep up-to-date with this competition, please bookmark it.