Version 16

    What's going on?


    So by now you may have already seen and created a DreamBoard before, or perhaps you've actually, already, created a Dream SensorBoard ! (Excellent).


    We at the element14 Community are working with MOLEX and would love to see what you come up with!


    Using the SensorBoard creator to choose the ideal sensors you need for your application.


    We want to choose two grand prize winners for their design and award them with an Oculus Quest and $300 worth of products, each!



    The Oculus Quest provides you with high quality Virtual Reality, wire and computer free gaming and software!



    We will also pick weekly winners to receive a prize pack from the element14 Community staff, here is just a selection of items that you can receive:



    You'll have noticed that you will have been asked to make sure your details are up to date when creating a Dream SensorBoard:



    Make sure your profile is up to date and you will be eligible to enter, this is because it's used as one of the criteria of winning the competition.


    How Exactly do I Enter?


    You'll need to follow the steps outlined here: How to Create your Dream SensorBoard and in doing so, you'll:


    • Create an account on the element14 Community
    • Update your profile details to tell us what you get up to day to day (this is important)
    • Go through the steps to create your Dream SensorBoard
    • Provide an image representing your board, name it and give a full description (up to 750 characters worth!)
    • Publish and share your Dream SensorBoard on social media, the Community, to your friends, co-workers, etc.


    What Can I Win?


    • For our two grand prize winners for the best Dream SensorBoards, an Oculus Quest and $300 USD shopping carts from one of our online stores
    • In addition to that, each week beginning 27th May 2019 through 9th of August, the best design will give you the chance to win you an element14 Community goodie bag, which could include tools, popular dev boards, and more.


    How Do I Win?

    When the deadline's reached, we'll short-list the Dream SensorBoards created by you, among the element14 Community Staff and molex Staff, and have Community members vote for their favourite Dream SensorBoard if they haven't already been engaging with the designs.


    The following will be taken into consideration:

    • Your day to day job title, it won't be used against you, but filling it in will give you a bump up the rankings
    • How many likes, shares, bookmarks the Dream SensorBoard has
    • How detailed the description is for the Dream SensorBoard along with name and graphic used to represent it.
    • How engaged with your design staff and the Community are, are they leaving comments or discussing it with you, are you responding?


    The Terms and Conditions for this competition will be attached to this document below.


    Depending on the design, there's a chance it will be chosen to go through to development and be a part of the element14 Community RoadTests & Reviews programme!


    What're you waiting for? Get Designing!