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    Sixth Sense Design Challenge: Winners Announcement

    After 11+ weeks of designing, researching, prototyping, coding and testing, our Sixth Sense Design Challenge has come to a close.

    Our challengers were asked to build an autonomous vehicle with a sixth sense using the STMicroelectronics SensorTile and TE Connectivity sensors.

    The judges have tallied up their thoughts and feedback for all 10 challengers, and they have finalized the grand prize and runner up winners, as well as the finishers.


    We are very pleased to congratulate all the winners of the Sixth Sense Design Challenge, as well as all of its participants!


    The Winners:


    Grand Prize

    dougw's Graffiti Bot

    Project Summary


    (It says E14 if you squint hard enough!)



    Douglas created an autonomous robot that produces a liquid canvas drawing. The project involves mechanical, electronics, software, and hydraulic design. See all blogs.


    Runner Up

    14rhb ’s R2B4 Bot

    Project Summary



    Rod wanted to help those working in construction by creating a robot to haul materials like sand or gravel to act as a project assistant.  He made his own PCB to host the TE Magnet sensor so that it would be board mountable. See all blogs.


    Other Finisher

    weiwei2 's Automatic Weeding Robot.

    Although this project is unfinished, we loved the novel approach to weeding and even building a (very dangerous looking) Motorized Scissors rig to manage our yards. Project Summary