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    You can use Arduino IoT  Cloud to log, graph, and analyze sensor data, trigger data, and home automation.  It offers an easy platform for beginners and its ideal for rapid prototyping for professionals.  You can quickly build remote sensor monitoring using widgets and connect to a spreadsheet, database, or automate alerts using webhooks.  Devices are secured using X 509 certificate-based authentication, developers can create custom apps using Arduino IoT Cloud APIs, and its based on open hardware and open IoT standards.


    The following video shows how you can get up and running in no time at all:



    Sign up to Arduino IoT cloud at :



    or login if you have an account or use your google account:




    You'll find a step-by-step tutorial as well as an FAQ.  Currently, Arduino IoT Cloud only supports the MKR 1000, MKR WiFi 1010 and the MKR GSM 1400 boards.  In the future the MKR VIDOR 4000 and Arduino Uno boards will also be supported.  Next click on "New Thing" and select the board you wish to use to configure:







    You'll need to download and install a plugin onto your computer, connect your board via USB, give it a name, and then configure your board. Arduino IoT Cloud is currently in the public beta stage. We welcome feedback on what you like and what you don’t!


    Arduino IoT Cloud Components

    Based on what the user wants to achieve, an IoT application will require a few basic components:


    • Devices to collect data or control something (the hardware you want to use);
    • Software to define the behavior of the hardware (code such as an Arduino Sketch)
    • A Cloud application to store data, or remotely control the equipment. (cloud service provider


    Arduino IoT Cloud Properties


    Devices such as the MKR 1010 board use software (eg. Sketches) to run software, read sensors, control actuators, an communicate with the Arduino IoT Cloud.  The "thing" in Internet of things refers to a collection of properties such as temperature or light and not the hardware itself.   A thing is the logical representation of a connected object.  Properties are the qualities defining the characteristics of a system. A property can be something like a 'read-only' (RO) setting to indicate the Arduino IoT Cloud can read the data, but cannot change the value of the property. A property might be designed as 'read and write' (RW) if the Arduino IoT Cloud can also remotely change the property’s value and send an event notification to the device.


    For example, a device might have a sensor which will provide the room temperature. That would be read-only. It might also include a thermostat to be able which will change the room’s temperature.





    Arduino IoT Cloud Events


    The Arduino IoT Cloud becomes aware of events when it receives application messages that indicate the something has happened. For example, it might be informed by a face-recognition application that someone is at a door, or it has received a request from another app that light has to be turned on.


    Software for Arduino IoT Cloud


    If you're familiar with Arduino then you are aware of how Sketches work.  When you create a "sketch" it is processed and compiled to machine language. Sketches are basically a simplified version of C/C++.   What Arduino IoT Cloud does it will quickly

    and automatically generate a Sketch when setting up a new thing. Arduino IoT Cloud allows other methods o interaction, including HTTP REST API, MQTT, Command-Line Tools, Javascript, and Websockets.


    You can get started using the Arduino IoT Cloud at the following location:




    Arduino IoT Cloud Projects:



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