Version 1



    Parts List


    Component TypeComponent NameDescriptionQuantity
    Core ArchitectureAVRAlf and Vegard's RISC Processor1
    Processor8-Bit8 Bit MicroController1
    OS SupportAndroidGoogle's Linux Based Operating System1
    RTOSReal Time Operating System1
    Interface and ConnectivityEthernetRJ45 Socket1
    GPIOs (Expansion Port / Pin Headers)General Purpose Input/Output Header1
    JTAGJoint Test Action Group Port1
    Power ConnectorConnector Designed for Power Connection1
    Prototype SpaceArea designed for Test Circuitry / Protoboard3
    USB-MicroAUniversal Serial Bus Micro-A Connector1
    MemoryDDR SDRAM (DDR2/DDR3)Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory1
    FlashNAND or NOR type of Flash Memory Storage1
    FeaturesJumpersConnection Pins for Joining Circuitry Manually1
    Multi-Chan CountersMultiple Channel Counter1
    Parallel IOParallel Input/Output Controller1
    Power ButtonSwitch to control Power1
    Reset ButtonSwitch to Reset Power to the Board1