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    Please Be Sure to Thank the Members for their Gift to Gives and to also Congratulate the Winners in the Comments Below!


    “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others." - Booker T. Washington


    jomoenginer gift to gives his $200 shopping cart!  Congratulations to ninjatrent for BeagleBone Devastator Robot Introduction and  three-phase for Walter the Coil Winding Robot Arm .  You each win a $100 shopping cart.  carmelito gift to gives his $200 shopping cart to his Father.  You all receive Heart Trophy badges.   


    Congratulations to gam3t3chsjmill01 , balearicdynamics , dubbie , jomoenginer , and carmelito .    You all receive Presenter badges for being the first community members to present on the community during our two-part livestream!


    "I like what Donald and Trent did so they would be my choices to pass the shopping cart to.  I liked the direction they were headed and the effort they put into it."jomoenginer

    Heart Trophies are no longer just for Valentine's Day!


    For the past two years, how long Project14 has been around, we've held a holiday special in which the winners got to choose other members projects to gift a $100 shopping cart to.  Then, on Valentine's Day we've had a winners announcement where we announce the gift to gives and we awarded a special Heart Trophy to both those who gifted the shopping cart and those who received a shopping cart.  But, random acts of kindness are not something that only happen on Valentine's Day and Christmas.  In a way, some of the best gifts are the one's you receive unexpectedly.  While working on winner fulfillment for the Month of Robots competition a couple of things happened quite unexpectedly.  carmelito  decided to gift his shopping cart to his father.  Then, jomoenginer decided to gift his $200 shopping cart to a couple of members whose projects he liked, and whose effort he appreciated.


    This got us to thinking.  We've got a project competition every month.  Wouldn't it be special if this kind of thing happened all the time?  Following the birthday special we added a $200 shopping cart as a grand prize, in addition to the 3 first place shopping cart.  It's a small change, but there are times you want something a little more than $100, and a way to keep a good thing going without changing too much.  From now on, when a Grand Prize winners receives a $200 shopping cart, they are free to gift a $100 shopping cart to a member whose project they thought was deserving but didn't win.  Or, they can gift the shopping cart to another member as a way to show their appreciation for their effort, and as a way to offer encouragement for participation.  Or, you can donate it to a STEM or a STEAM workshop of your choice.  Should you win the Grand Prize and choose to donate a $100 to another member or to a STEM or STEAM workshop you will receive a Heart Trophy badge.  You can also keep your Grand Prize winnings to buy yourself something that is a little more expensive than the usual $100 prize winnings.


    Without further adieu here are your winners of the gift to gives....


    The Winners


    BeagleBone Devastator Robot Introduction by ninjatrent:


    BeagleBone Devastator Robot

    "This project shows the mix of skills needed for robotics. Nice project." - Community Member Judge



    "Beaglebone Devastaor Robot by ninjatrent: Well built robot" - Community Member Judge


    Walter the Coil Winding Robot Arm  by three-phase:


    Walter the Coil Winding Robot Arm

    "Walter coil bot,  again a good build log and something that although it didn't quite work, was beautiful overkill when just a motor would have done!" - Community Member Judge



    "A great example of a general-purpose robot arm being used to perform a task."  - Community Member Judge

    "Coil Winding Robot, another interesting use for a robot arm." - Community Member Judge

    The First Members to be Presenters on the Community Receive Presenter Badges!


    The Presenters


    The Month of Robots Competition was bookended by a couple of experimental live streams where Community Members got to present.  No word yet, on whether we will be doing more of these live streams or if these are the only one's that we're doing.  We didn't want it to be just another live stream,  we wanted it to be different.  Because Project14 is a monthly competitions about you, we wanted you to be the presenters.  I was present during these live streams, but my main role was to simply produce.  Although they were a lot of work, they were also a lot of fun.  If you haven't checked out the live streams by now please do so, as we'll need the support if we are given the green light to do more of these.



    Check out the on demand two part series to help support more live streams in the future:


    Part 1: Project14 | Live Stream & Giveaway: Learn About Using the MATRIX Creator in Home Automation Projects!


    Part 2: Project14 | Recorded Live Stream: Robotics: Tribute to Gordon McComb: Community Presenters with Special Guest MATRIX Labs!




    Please Be Sure to Thank the Members for their Gift to Gives and to also Congratulate the Winners in the Comments Below!