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    A long, long time ago, in an office cubicle far, far away (from me anyway, there's a lot of water between us), a group of people came up with an idea (probably more than just the one, they're bright people) that it would be perfect if makers, engineers and hobbyists had a place to come together to help one another with their electronics, designs and concepts based upon hardware, software and equipment that they use in their day to day lives at work and as part of their hobby outside of their careers.


    And lo', the element14 Community was born:



    The website was styled very differently 10 years ago and based upon the feedback from its members, and the staff that have worked on it over that time it has evolved to what we have today. Here is a brief look as to how it has changed over the years (you can press on the images for a full size rendition):


    {gallery} element14 Community over the years

    10 years of Community: 2009

    10 years of Community: 2010

    10 years of Community: 2011

    10 years of Community: 2012

    10 years of Community: 2013

    10 years of Community: 2015

    10 years of Community: 2019


    And we've provided lots of different programmes and campaigns over that time as well:


    • element14's The Ben Heck Show which has evolved into element14 presents which still creates great, complex and fun projects that are made to inspire your creativity based on your suggestions.
    • RoadTests & Reviews where you have the opportunity to put hardware through its paces for free and have your feedback given directly back to the suppliers
    • Webinars, Training and Events to educate you on features and functionality on the latest products and technologies so that you can interact directly with suppliers and members of staff
    • Concept development such as the DreamBoard and Dream SensorBoard allowing you to explain and put together ideas you have for real world hardware.
    • Talking of giveaways, there's also Project14 which follows a theme every month and gives you the opportunity to win $100 of shopping cart purely by showing and demonstrating your projects.
    • Tech Connection gives you the definition on new and upcoming standards and technical information with Tech Spotlights and
    • Essentials rounds everything out by putting you to the test on your knowledge of standards and products after teaching you what you need to know
    • Though who could forget about Design Challenges - the large competitions where you blog it out against others to build a project to solve a real-world problem, or show a proof of concept to win big prizes with free equipment.


    The element14 Community Team are always hard at work to provide the best experience to our users and add new features, including the behind-the-scenes development team that have maintained and upgraded the Jive platform which the Community runs on.




    There have also been a number of key milestones over the past ten years as the Community has developed and grown.



    As new features and groups have been added to the website, so have the number of fantastic and contributing members, and the Community would be nothing without you!


    Talking of you, our members:


    • What have been your key defining moments over the past 10 years as part of the Community or in Tech?
    • How long have you been a member?
    • What are your fondest memories of the element14 Community or
    • Perhaps most useful or surprising technology from 2009?


    Now it wouldn't be fair if I didn't answer these myself, so I'll start:


    • What have been your key defining moments over the past 10 years as part of the Community or in Tech?


    I'd have to say getting to work for the element14 Community ! I've met so many creative and capable people while here, and had some fantastic opportunities to give back to the Community as well.


    • How long have you been a member?


    Actually 6 years, I joined as part of a BeagleBone Black challenge pitting one Hackspace against another!


    • What are your fondest memories of the element14 Community or


    I'd have to say one is definitely being 'Bitten by the Bug' which saw a campaign of gifting technology from member to member at Christmas, Giving the Love Bug to You! Teasing the Perfect Pair!


    • Perhaps most useful or surprising technology from 2009?


    Social Media combined with GPS coming to mobile phones - this was a pretty great combination to be able to socialise with various groups from around the world and I've since used my phone to navigate around the place more times than I can count.


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    Don't forget to get involved with other activities around the site, doing so might earn you something a bit more:


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