Version 1


    VIKI is intended to be a collaborative project to create an easy-to-assemble open-source device with uses in enterprise or industry as a controller with edge computing capability. It's intended to allow prototyping of solutions at low cost. There is an article discussing VIKI at high level here. It's intended to be super-easy to solder with just a regular soldering iron (a fine iron tip helps!) for non-electronics-engineers to assemble too, and then concentrate on creating interesting solutions. VIKI works standalone or with add-on devices (there is expansion capability).


    This document contains clickable links to all the parts and component references for assembly, and component placement diagrams for the revision 1 board.

    In initial tests the board appears to be functioning (not everything has been tested yet), but it is a new design so it is likely to change as bugs are found, and improvements are made.

    Also, there is some flexibility, not all components need to be soldered if not all functionality is needed, and some component values can be changed to suit specific needs.

    If you come up with improvements, or have ideas for use-cases, please do share them in a blog post or in the comments below, so that everyone can benefit as the design evolves.

    The board files will be shared in the next few days too, and source code as it is developed.



    Component Placement Diagram - Top Side



    Component Placement Diagram - Underside



    Bill of Materials


    Bold parts are on board underside.

    There are no resistors R1 and R2, they are left unpopulated on the board.

    There are two options for LCD1 depending on desired backlight color.

    The parts are listed in a suggested order for manual assembly.

    The smaller parts are placed first, and the resistors provide some protection for the more static-sensitive parts placed later.




    Product NameManufacturerQuantityBuy KitBuy Kit
    (R7, R9, R12, R14) 2.7k 08054Buy NowBuy Now
    (R3, R6, R11, R13, R21, R22, R23, R24, R27) 27k 08059Buy NowBuy Now
    (R4, R5, R8, R10, R25, R26, R28, R29, R15, R16) 220R 08058Buy NowBuy Now
    (R15, R16) 10k 08052Buy NowBuy Now
    (R17, R18, R19, R20) 47R 08054Buy NowBuy Now
    (FB1) Ferrite Bead 0805 HZ0805E601R-10HZ0805E601R-10Laird1Buy NowBuy Now
    (U3) TPS79133 3.3V LDO SOT23-5TI1Buy NowBuy Now
    (C1, C6, C8, C9) 100n 06034Buy NowBuy Now
    (C7) 10n 06031Buy NowBuy Now
    (c3, C4, C5) 2.2u TANTB3Buy NowBuy Now
    (C2) 10u 25V1Buy NowBuy Now
    (C10) 1u 08051Buy NowBuy Now
    (D2) BAT54 (no suffix)1Buy NowBuy Now
    (D8) BAT54C (C suffix)1Buy NowBuy Now
    (U2) SI8641BB-B-IS1SI8641BB-B-IS1 Digital IsolatorSilicon Labs1Buy NowBuy Now
    (J1, J2) FFC Top Contact 8-way 1mmWurth2Buy NowBuy Now
    (OPTO1, OPTO2) HCPL-814-000EHCPL-814-000E2Buy NowBuy Now
    (F1) 500mA PolySwitch1Buy NowBuy Now
    (D5, D6) BAS16NXP2Buy NowBuy Now
    (Q1, Q2) BC8472Buy NowBuy Now
    (D3, D4) TVS 36V Bidir2Buy NowBuy Now
    (D7) STPS3L40UFSTPS3L40UF 40V 3A Schottky1Buy NowBuy Now
    (D9) TVS 6V Bidir SMAJ6.0CA1Buy NowBuy Now
    (U1) REE-0505SREE-0505S 5V Isol. DC ConverterRecom1Buy NowBuy Now
    (SW1, SW2) Push Switch D6 Series2Buy NowBuy Now
    (LCD1 White) MCCOG21605B6W-FPTLWIMCCOG21605B6W-FPTLWIMidas1Buy NowBuy Now
    (LCD1 Blue option) MCCOG21605B6W-BNMLWIMCCOG21605B6W-BNMLWIMidas1Buy NowBuy Now
    (RL1, RL2) PCN-105D3MHZPCN-105D3MHZ2Buy NowBuy Now
    (D1) RED 3mm LED (Short lead: Cathode)1Buy NowBuy Now
    (SW4) SS12SDP2SS12SDP2 Slide Switch1Buy NowBuy Now
    (PL1, PL2, PL3, PL4) PTSM 0,5/ 4-HH-2,5-THR 4-way TerminalPhoenix Contact4Buy NowBuy Now
    (P1) PSTD 0,65X0,65/40-2,54 40-way DILPhoenix Contact1Buy NowBuy Now
    (PLG1, PLG2, PLG3, PLG4) PTSM 0,5/ 4-P-2,5 4-way Plugs push-fitPhoenix Contact4Buy NowBuy Now
    RPI-BC 107,6 DEV-KIT KMGY EnclosurePhoenix Contact1Buy NowBuy Now


    Additional parts (not from Farnell/Newark):

    Product NameManufacturerQuantity
    (MIC1) SPH0645LM4H AdafruitAdafruit1