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    Hello Community members! As some of you know, we are celebrating the Community's 10th Birthday this year.  In our excitement, we thought a lot about what we wanted to do for our 10th birthday and came up with a variety of activities from the absolutely ridiculous (renting a bouncy castle, RasPi piñatas, partying on a private island) to the less ridiculous (team dinner and cake woowoo!) but once we found out our birthday would be coinciding with the release of the new Raspberry Pi 4, we knew we had to celebrate our birthday with Pi, not cake! (Please insert loud vuvuzela sounds here.)


    As many of you have probably already seen over in the Raspberry Pi space, there's been a flurry of activity surrounding this latest release. Many retailers have either completely sold out or have all versions on back-order. Luckily, we managed to snag some of the elusive new Pi's in order to entice you all to help us continue celebrating our birthday through the summer by building some awesome projects.


    So: what do you have to do to be in the running for one of the brand new Raspberry Pi 4's? Just follow the instructions below!


    1. Register and/or log-in to the element14 Community

    2. Leave a comment on this post telling us what you'd build with the new Pi 4 and its fun upgraded capabilities


    After July 15th, we'll select up 20 members to receive a Pi!



    Contest is now closed! Thanks so much to everyone who participated. We are in the process of reaching out to all our winners and will be shipping out your Pis the first week of August! Stay tuned for an update to this post where we will announce winners.


    Want to be in the running for MORE cool stuff? For those of you who build said cool project(s) and post a blog along with photos and/or video in the Raspberry Pi space, tag your blog with HappyBirthdaye14 so we can all see your awesome work, appreciate it and continue the birthday celebrations by basking in the creativity of our Community members. If you do, we have some digital and/or physical "goodie bags" full of surprise swag and Newark/Farnell stuff we want to give away to you!


    So, let us know in the comments below what fun projects you're looking forward to building and sharing!


    And, if you haven't already checked out the plethora of posts surrounding the new Pi or the anniversary posts started by rscasny cstanton tariq.ahmad e14phil - check out the links below and participate. Some of them might even lead to more opportunities for cool stuff!


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