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    PiCasso Design Challenge Winners Announcement

    After 15+ weeks of designing, painting, researching, prototyping, coding and testing, our PiCasso Design Challenge has come to a close.

    Our challengers were tasked to use the Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ to create works of art or master pieces.  The judges have tallied up their thoughts and finalized the grand prize and runner up winners, as well as all finishers.


    New Honorable Mention Prize

    We had so many amazing entries that two Honorable Mentions were awarded the GoPro Hero 7 WhitePlease congratulate all the winners and participants of the PiCasso Design Challenge!

    PiCasso Design Challenge: The Prizes


    Facts on the PiCasso Design Challenge:

    • 162 Blog Posts
    • 101 Video
    • 23 Challengers
    • 3 Non Sponsored Challenger
    • 10 Finishers


    PiCasso Design Challenge Winners:


    Enrico Miglino

    balearicdynamics Art-A-Tronic Exhibition

    Project Summary


    Our Grand Prize winner, Enrico, really took the spirit of this challenge to heart by running an Art Exhibition in Gent, Belgium.  He has won a DJI Mavic 2 Pro Videography Drone*.



    Art-A-Tronic was an interactive art exhibit in Gent.  Enrico completed seven of his nine goals: an augmented mannequin that can host Raspberry Pi Computer vision, binaural hearing which turns to face you and a MQTT connection to the "BORG Communication Nexus", an aptly named Cube featuring a MQTT Server.  Aside from the articulating mannequin, the Communication Cube talks with a Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror and a cage full of Arduino controlled Bird Automata.



    See Enricos's blogs



    Luiz Ortiz

    luislabmo Hologram Pi-ramid

    Project Summary


    Our Runner Up, Luislabmo, set the element14 Community on fire with this impeccably designed, pepper's ghost-based, Raspberry Pi powered Hologram machine. He won a Nikon D3500 DSLR with a lense and lighting kit*


    Luis designed, 3D printed and built a Hologram Pyramid with inbuilt LEDs to give an extra layer of lighting immersion to the projected image.

    Using the official Raspberry Pi screen to "project" onto angled acrylic, Luis was able to create a Peppers Ghost hologram effect within the pyramid space.  Then this 3D image is lit using NeoPixel LEDs seated on a PCB which Luis also designed himself.


    From 3D design, 3D printing, custom code to custom PCB, Luis has outdone himself.

    If you would like to make your own version, all the code, designs and models are available on his wrap up post here: Hologram Pi-ramid - Project complete!


    See Luis's Build blogs


    Honorable Mention

    gam3t3ch PiMassive - The Giant Raspberry Pi

    Project Summary


    Ever been so hungry that you wanted a GIANT Raspberry Pi? A giant... Working Raspberry Pi 3 B+?  Then gam3t3ch has you covered!  This project impressed us so much that we have created an Honorable Mentions prize for this challenge.  Wesley will receive a Go Pro 7 White* for his amazing entry.  The massive Raspberry Pi is a testament to Wesley's machining skills, knowledge of electronics, 3D printing, CNC and general finishing.  He even went so far to connect the pins on the Pi Massive to an actual Raspberry Pi hidden within it.



    "Weighing in at 13.9lbs with 1,041,084mm of filament a grand total of 440hrs of 3d printing and CNC work a massive amount of painting time and cleanup the PiMassive is alive"


    Wesley's Wrap up Blog and Video



    Honorable Mention

    fmilburn Adapting Art to Viewers

    Project Summary


    Like Wesley, Frank also wowed us with his Raspberry Pi powered, facial recognition Art display that we have awarded him an Honorable Mention and a Go Pro 7 White*!


    "The PiCasso Art Deluxe is an art exhibit that uses AI to recognize the viewer and display art tailored to them.  The design is retro inspired and uses two Raspberry Pi computers - one to do the facial recognition and one for the display.  Art that is Raspberry Pi themed, much of it developed on a Raspberry Pi, was created with my grandchildren and is displayed when a family member is recognized." - fmilburn

    Frank's Wrap Up Blog



    Other Finishers

    All challengers who posted 10+ blog updates and used the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to create an artistic project will be awarded a PiCade, the Raspberry Pi Arcade Kit.



    Douglas Wong




    Luis Ortiz


    Hologram Pi-ramid


    Dale Winhold


    POV Globe


    Enrico Miglino


    Art-a-tronic exhibition: Mannequin raspberry -pi powered


    Sergey Vlasov


    Smart Home Orchestra And Mood Mediator (SHOAMM)


    Frank Milburn


    PiCasso Design Challenge: Adapting Art to Ages


    Brenda Armour


    Power Pi Image Processing


    Vincent Wong


    Colorful Rotating Chinese Lantern


    Wesley Gardner




    Dubbie Dubbie





    Key: * Or Local equivalent as decided by element14 community team.