Version 2


    Possible use cases

    The set of sensors held by this board can be used widely but two very good and up to date use cases come to my mind.

    Firstly it can serve as a human presence detector. Active proximity sensor, be it radar or infrared, is bread and butter of all detection sensors. Sound and infrared spectrum sensor can act as a support for the proximity sensor checking human presence by monitoring noise and infrared light emitted by warm blooded humans. If those are not enough there is a big gun - camera. Analysing camera image with some smart algorithm gives You almost 100% detection accuracy. If the camera is not capable of night mode You can always try to add some IR leds to brighten up the night. Ethernet connection gives You a nice bandwidth for all the data You will be getting from the sensors. You can then process it with other network attached device of Your choice, be it RPI or something beefier.

    The second use case is getting popular nowadays thanks to AI assistants and home automation in general. Sensor could be used as a interface to interact with Your automation system. Depending on the actual operation principle of proximity sensor it may be used to detect human gestures. If the proximity sensor will not make it as a gesture recognition front-end camera can definitely help. Infrared and proximity sensors can be used for human detection - a trigger for system to greet its master. Sound sensor can provide a nice ear for all the commands the system awaits.


    Parts List


    Component TypeComponent NameDescriptionQuantity
    BUS / InterfaceI2CInter-Integrated Circuit Communications Protocol1
    Direct Attach TypePin / SocketPin or Socket sensorboard connector1
    Hardwired TypeEthernet 802.3IEEE 802.3 Local Area Network1
    Sound130dB-100Hz to 20kHzSuperior (130dB max) + Noise Suppression (down to 100 Hz) + Audible Range (up to 20 kHz)1
    Pressure24bit-110kPA +/- .05kPAHigh Resolution (24 bit) + Standard Atmospheric (110 kPa) + High Accuracy (± 0.05%)1
    Camera1280x1024 @ 30fpsStreaming Video (30 fps) + Standard Definition  (1280 x 1024)1
    LightInfrared SpectrumInfrared spectrum (peak wavelength 1000nm)1
    ProximityActiveActive Sensing1