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    IoT is one of the most popular topics on the element14 community. element14 talks IoT. element14 builds IoT. element14 learns IoT. element14 is IoT.


    There's plenty more to say about the love affair between IoT and the element14 community. There's no surprise why. The Internet of Things appears to be on track to revolutionize the way we work and the way we play. Think of all the ways that IoT crosses your personal and work lives, and you'll know what I mean.


    So, when I was given 7 Amber Pi Design Kits to hand out to community members, what better way to use them than to craft a giveaway for an IoT at Work & Play Contest. (BTW I decided to give a Raspberry Pi 3 along with the Amber Pis.)


    So, what do you need to do to win one of these 7 kits?


    Think about how you use IoT at work. Then, think about how IoT is part of how you play (relax, have fun, etc.) after work and go home, go to the coffee shop, go to the gym, or wherever you like to hang out.


    I'm interested in getting proposals for IoT projects that can be used at WORK or while you PLAY after work. You can put your proposals in the COMMENTS section on this page. I'll wait two weeks and read all the proposals and select the 7 best proposals to send a FREE Amber Pi-Raspberry Pi Kit.


    In your proposal, be creative


    Think up an idea of how to use IoT at Work & Play in an interesting way. Remember, IoT is changing our lives. I'm interested in seeing how it can change the way you work and the way you play.


    Your proposal does not have to be huge.


    No need to write a book. No more than a few paragraphs. But be specific enough so I can visualize what you plan to build. After I choose the winners, I'll ship you the kits. I'd like to see projects in a month or two.



    Send Me your IoT at Work & Play proposal. Enter in the Comments below.