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    Quick and Simple IoT Device Deployment and Data Monitoring

    Symbisa, from Hanhaa, is a combined Internet of Things device and connectivity solution for those looking to quickly, easily and painlessly deploy their own IoT solutions.

    A Symbisa module is an all-in-one, always-connected device, approximately the size of a smartphone, that carries sensors capable of detecting and collecting environmental information including GPS location, orientation, temperature, light, humidity and GSM modem coupled with a secure global communication network. Allow development of an easy to implement, truly plug and play global mobile sensing solution that displays data directly into an Excel worksheet.

    Microsoft Excel is the command centre for Symbisa units. Using an Excel add-in, users can bring real-world data streams directly into any desktop or mobile device that runs Excel for Office 365.

    Typical applications include the monitoring of temperature and humidity of greenhouses or storage areas, or tracking of equipment on hire, including whether it has been in an accident or dropped in transit.

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    Hardware Features

    GPS Location
    Provides you with pinpoint accurate location data, from almost anywhere in the world.

    Identifies the range of temperature that the shipment has been exposed to.

    Identifies the range of humidity that the shipment has been exposed to.

    Tilt & Orientation
    Notifies you in real-time (or retrospectively) if your shipment has been subjected to tilting.

    Shipment Breaches
    Triggered by light sensing events such as a box being opened.

    Triggers a g-force alert when the tracker detects a shock greater than 5 g. Each alert displays the g force value between 4 and 16 g.

    Data Access

    System Online Portal
    A secure cloud based data dashboard.

    Direct Feed to Excel
    Microsoft Office 365/Excel add-in - taking advantage of new streamed data functions

    The Application Programming Interface (API) downloadable from the Symbisa Portal



    Symbisa empowers you to quickly and easily measure, capture and analyse your world. Developing, deploying and maintaining your own IoT applications has never been easier. The Symbisa Portal enables you to receive data from any of your devices and send messages back remotely, meaning you can display messaging, transmit instructions or display barcode data.

    Unlike complex proprietary systems, Symbisa is off-the-shelf and comes with a complete international GSM connectivity and 100 free credits which means you're ready to configure and go-live within minutes. Symbisa's hardware carries multiple sensors enabling users to track everything from GPS location and altitude through to temperature, light, orientation and light. Data can be viewed via the Symbisa Portal, through an API or even directly into Excel cells through Microsoft Office 365.

    Thanks to Symbisa, anyone with basic spreadsheet knowledge can start exploring the possibilities of IoT - from unboxing to live data streams in just minutes.

    Go from Unboxing
    to Live Data

    No Coding or
    Engineering Experience

    Uses Hanhaa Global
    Cellular Network

    Access Your Data via Full Integration with Microsoft Office 365 TM


    WhitepaperBlog: Symbisa Brings Physical IoT Sensing and Tracking to the Office (.html)
    User Manual/GuideSymbisa_User_Manual v1.2.pdf (.pdf)
    Data SheetSymbisa Data Sheet (.pdf)
    Quick Start GuideSymbisa Getting Started (.html)


    What measurements do I get from the various sensors and devices?

    • Humidity -Min, Max, Avg in 0.1 increments of RH
    • Temperature - Min, Max, Avg in 0.1 increments °C
    • Pressure - Min, Max, Avg in increments of 1 hPa
    • Light - Min, Max, Avg in increments of 1 Lux
    • Tilt -Interrupt notification when an angular variation of more than 35° in any direction is detected
    • Freefall - Interrupt notification of a freefall event of 50cm or more.
    • Orientation - Identification of which side is facing up
    • Pedometer - Number of steps taken since last device activation
    • Message - a message to be displayed on the devices e-ink screen, alpha-numeric message (max 26 characters)
    • Message Counter - Incremental count of messages generated by device since last activated
    • Barcode - Barcode to be displayed on the device screen, Barcode format - Code39 (max 15 characters)
    • Cell Info & Signal Quality
    • Latitude & Longitude - Longitude in dddmm.mmmm and Latitude in ddmm.mmmm format
    • Altitude - Mean sea level altitude in meters
    • Horizontal Dilution of Precision - standard GGA message format
    • USB - plugged/unplugged Charging / Not Charging State of battery charge
    • Button press - number of times button on board has been pressed
    • Date & Time - RTC date and time based on GSM or GPS time
    • Firmware Version
    • Serial Number
    • Interval - The reporting interval between payloads of data sent in minutes

    What data package comes with each Symbisa unit?

    Each unit ships with 500 events for free, further data packages can be purchased through Premier Farnell at $12.50 for a 1000 event bundle . Purchasers are sent a code by Farnell which they can then add to their account.

    What is an event?

    An event is a point-in-time when the Symbisa device securely sends a payload of sensor array data (from all or selected sensors) via the Symbisa service to the user. The interval between events is set-up by the customer via the Symbisa User Portal. Events can be set at regular intervals - it's completely down to user preferences, the time-critical nature of the application and the economics of event-usage.

    Can event bundles be shared across multiple devices?

    Yes, users can consume events from a single bundle across multiple devices.

    Is there a data plan?

    No, the Symbisa model is based around pay-per-bundle events. An event is a packet of encoded data sent from the Symbisa device. The data is un-packed via the Symbisa User Portal before sending the feature-rich data to the user through an API or directly via streamed function into Excel.

    Why no data plan?

    Because different application will have different sensor and data requirements pricing has been set on a per-event basis. A good analogy would be a token for a coffee vending machine - with an ‘event' being the equivalent of a ‘token': you can use a single token to obtain a simple ‘Espresso'; you can use a single token to obtain a ‘Double chocolate chip frappuccino with extra syrup' - either way you pay the same per ‘vend'. When you've run out of tokens you'll need to buy more to be able to use the vending machine again.

    What is the Hanhaa Mobile network?

    Symbisa runs on the dedicated Hanhaa Mobile network which means there are no data-roaming surcharges for the service. For the Symbisa development release Symbisa services will be limited to Mainland Europe and North America USA/Canada.

    How does Excel import data from the Symbisa device?

    Excel data can be imported as a live feed using streamed functions in the Office365 version of Excel or the data can be imported as a data export from the Symbisa User Portal. Data exports can be imported into the desktop version of Excel.

    When is the Excel plugin available?

    During the Symbisa development release the plugin will be available from a dedicated URL:

    Do I have to use Excel?

    No, you can set-up an API with the Symbisa User Portal to import live or historic data into 3rd party applications.

    Is data 2-way?

    Yes, data will flow 2-ways which allows for remote configuration of the event cycles and the configuration of the text or barcode that is displayed on the screen of the Symbisa device.

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