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    Project14 is a monthly project competition from element14. There are no applications to fill out so competition is open to all community members who want to participate! You won't be given any required kits to use so you must choose what components work best for your project and demonstrate your project using video proof.




    Project14 competitions have always been more about having fun and learning than winning prizes.  Part of that fun is earning badges and shopping cart to use in components to build your next project.


    By Members for Members


    Badges are intended as a way to encourage members to take the first steps to starting a project, finishing that project, and collect trophies for winning competitions. You can also win a badge for volunteering to judge a project competition, gifting your prize to another member, and for inspiring others to compete in a Project14 project competition.



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    Badges and Achievements



    How to Achieve



    First Place Trophy

    Awarded to top 3 First Place Winners of a Project14 project competition:


    July 21, 2017


    You're an example to others about how to go about things the right way:

    150July 21, 2017

    Step Climber

    You made progress on a Project14 submission even if you didn't complete the project.  Every step counts!

    50August 22, 2017


    You submitted a complete Project14 project (be original, list the steps, follow the theme, submit a video)!

    100August 22, 2017


    Your Project14 submission helped shape the program and inspired others to participate:


    August 22, 2017

    Grand Prize Trophy

    Awarded to the Grand Prize Winnerof a project competition.

    500January 16, 2019

    Heart Trophy

    Given for unexpected Gift to Gives! It can be for a project that didn't win, as a way to show appreciation for effort, and as a way to encourage participation:


    June 4, 2019


    A badge awarded to any community member who volunteered to be a presenter in a Project14 Live Stream!:

    400June 4, 2019


    A badge awarded for volunteering to help judge a Project14 Competition:

    150June 16, 2019


    If your past project is featured during Makevember (otherwise known as November) you will receive a Maker Badge:

    150September 30, 2019
    Historic Badges and Achievements



    How to Achieve




    A member of the element14 community who helped launch the program:


    July 21, 2017

    Winner Trophy

    Awarded to any member that was voted as a First Place or Grand Prize Winner of a Project14 project competition:


    July 21, 2017

    Heart Trophy (Valentine's Day)

    A Heart Trophy is awarded on Valentine's Day to any member that gives or receives a Gift to Give prize following the Holiday Special:


    January 16, 2019


    Inaugural Project14 Live Stream to celebrate the second birthday of Project14!1523June 4, 2019