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    Phil from the element14 Community talks you through how to set up the BeagleBone® AI


    There are 3 easy ways to set up the BeagleBone® AI, You can plug it into your computer using a USB Type C cable, Connect to the BeagleBone® AI's  Wireless hotspot or set it up stand alone by plugging it into a Screen, Keyboard and Mouse.


    Have you got your new BeagleBone® AI? Then lets begin!


    Setting up the BeagleBone® AI Via USB Type-C and a Windows or Mac OSX computer.

    1. Connect a USB Type-C cable to BeagleBone® AI USB Type-C port.

    2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the PC USB 3.0 port.

    3. BeagleBone® AI will boot.

    4. Look for a new mass storage drive to appear on the PC.

    5. Open the drive and open START.HTM with your web browser.


    Note: For the latest online instructions, troubleshooting tips and support go to:

    Chrome or Firefox web browsers are recommended.

    Setting up the BeagleBone® with a Keyboard, Mouse and Screen.

    Connect a combo keyboard and mouse to BeagleBone® AI’s USB

    host port.

    2. Connect an micro-HDMI cable to the board.

    3. Connect the micro-HDMI-to-HDMI cable to an HDMI monitor.

    4. Plug a USB Type-C power supply into BeagleBone® AI’s USB Type-C port.

    5. BeagleBone® AI will boot. No need to enter any passwords.

    6. Desktop will appear on the monitor. Click the “Getting Started” icon


    Setting up the BeagleBone® Via Wireless Hotspot.


    1. Plug a USB Type-C power supply into BeagleBone® AI’s USB Type-C port.

    2. BeagleBone® AI will boot.

    3. Connect your PC’s WiFi to SSID “BeagleBone-XXXX” where XXXX varies

    for your BeagleBone® AI.

    4. Use password “BeagleBone” to complete the WiFi connection.

    5. Open in your web browser. Note: 6. Follow the instructions in the browser window.