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    An Electronic load can sink current from power sources such as power supplies or batteries. Loads are useful to test a power supply’s design margin or verify a battery’s capacity. See how three different instrument options from ultra low-end to midrange to high-end compare. Learn how modes like constant current and constant resistance can be used for different measurements.


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    Product NameManufacturerQuantityBuy KitBuy Kit
    Raspberry Pi 4Raspberry Pi1Buy NowBuy Now
    TMC2208 SILENTSTEPSTICKTrinamic/Watterott2Buy NowBuy Now
    SANYO DENKI Stepper Motor, Bipolar, 0.24 N-m, 1 A, Two Phase, 7.3 ohm, 5 mHSanyo Denki2Buy NowBuy Now
    PRO SIGNAL Audio / Video Cable Assembly, HDMI A Plug to Micro HDMI D Plug, 6.6 ft, 2 m, BlackPro Signal2Buy NowBuy Now
    CLIFF ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS HDMI Audio / Video Adaptor, HDMI Receptacle, HDMI Receptacle, FT SeriesCLIFF2Buy NowBuy Now
    VERBATIM 3D Printer Filament, 1.75mm, PLA, SilverVerbatim1Buy NowBuy Now
    official MAYER MOVES PSU: XP POWER AC/DC Power Supply, ITE, 2 Output, 60 W, 5 V, 7 A, 12 V, 3 AXP Power1Buy NowBuy Now