Version 3
    Animatronic Claptrap Case Mod Part 2

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    To celebrate the launch of Borderlands 3, DJ has embarked on an epic, case-modding journey. Not only is he building a nearly full-scale Claptrap, but he’ll be shoving, er uh, gently placing a full-size gaming PC inside. Is bringing an animatronic Claptrap into a world a terrible idea sure to bring about chaos and despair? Maybe, but there’s no time to think about consequences... let’s get building!



    Bill of Materials


    Product NameManufacturerQuantityBuy KitBuy Kit
    Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+RASPBERRY-PI1Buy NowBuy Now
    Noobs Micro SD CardTRANSCEND1Buy NowBuy Now
    PWM HatADAFRUIT1Buy NowBuy Now
    Speaker PhatPIMORONI1Buy NowBuy Now
    3D FilamentVERBATIM3Buy NowBuy Now
    Super GlueBOB SMITH INDUSTRIES1Buy NowBuy Now
    White LEDDIALIGHT1Buy NowBuy Now
    Standard ServoADAFRUIT2Buy NowBuy Now
    5V 3A DC Power SupplyPRO ELEC1Buy NowBuy Now
    1000W Coolermaster PSUCOOLER MASTER1Buy NowBuy Now
    Power JackMCM1Buy NowBuy Now
    Slide SwitchE-SWITCH1Buy NowBuy Now
    Panel Mount Pushbutton SwitchGRAYHILL1Buy NowBuy Now


    Additional Parts:


    Product Name

    Plywood Sheet

    1/16” Styrene Sheet

    1/4 # Sheet Metal Screws

    1/4 # Sheet Metal Screws

    White, Black, Grey, Yellow Spray Paint

    1/16" Aluminum Sheet