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    Take a look at past themes and the projects other members have made and use it as inspiration for your next project.  Every winner of a Project14 competition was voted on by members of the element14 community.  Monthly themes are voted on by members every month.  Themes that are voted on are chosen based on topics members want to do projects around.


    Prizes are given to winners to make things fun but the goal of the program is to create an inclusive environment where everyone can learn from one another.  Members have an opportunity and can interpret themes broadly in a friendly and relaxed environment. Find out why Project14 is a project competition about you!


    Project Competition Archive

    Energy Harvesting


    Winners:luislabmo for Solar powered IoT device with Cayenne, 14rhb  for The Trickle Charger, koudelad for Measuring nanoamps , and pratyush_cetb for Soil Battery for Forest Fire Detection System

    Electronic Toys

    Winners: ravi_butani for DIY Smartphone controlled tiny plane as weekend project for children and parents, shabaz  for Creating your own Handheld Electronic Games – Pocket Nimfmilburn for the Rainbow Ukuleleluislabmo  for Pimp my PICADE , and balearicdynamics for the The Musical Box

    Remote Monitoring & Control

    Winners: sjmill01 for Big Petro Maker Magic: $100 Datalogger That Can Save Millionsmahmood.hassan for Micro Monster - Succulent Plants Monitoring Systemruchir1674 for Solar Panel Monitoring Using Particle Photon, and  dubbie for CatDogFoxBot

    Programmable Logic

    Winners: avnrdf for PanelDriver: A FPGA based HDMI to FPD-Link converterjomoenginer  for VidorScout - MKR Vidor 4000 Mobile Robotbernhardmayer for bb-cpld - a robotics expansion board for the BeagleBone Black with an Altera MAX II EPM1270 , and dixonselvan  for Display for Traffic Predictor - Cypress PSoC6 BLE Pioneer kit


    Winners:  Fred27 for LockNFCBigG for NOVSIS: the NFC-based Office Visitor Sign-In System, milosrasic98 for S.H.E.L.F. V2 , and ipv1  for NFC and The Raspberry Pi

    Month of Robots

    Winners: jomoenginer for NVIDIA Jetson Nanoipv1 for BBC MicroBit Robot Bonanza ,    balearicdynamics  for The Drawing Machine Part 1. The micro:cycloid , and carmelito for Mini Quadcopter

    IoT: In the Cloud

    Winners: ralphjyjancumps for Manage Arduino MKR WIFI 1010 Battery Life in the Cloudfmilburn  for IOT Reflow Oven with Arduino MKR WiFi 1010, and ruchir1674 for Smart Switch Using Arduino and Alexa


    Winners: shabaz  for Measuring Electromagnets - the Magneto Mutant Magnetic Measurement Meter (MMMMM-1000)abg123 for Flipping Core Memory Bits Directly With a Magnetic Stylus, and dougw  for The KLINGMAGON Subspace Probe

    Home Automation

    Winners: milosrasic98  for The Smart Room Project - Current Phaseaspork42  for The dirty smart button!carmelito  for Mini Weather Station , and genebren  for Kitchen Lighting System Phase 2 - Part 2

    A Question of Scale

    Winners: shabaz for Building a Miniature 300W Speaker Simulatornobble  for Mini Gameboy Home Console: The Gamebox DMG ConsolizerWorkshopshed  for Jumbo LED , and  dubbie for Tiny24hourMoBot

    Merry Boxes & LEDs

    Winners: archiela  for  Christmas Magic aka Advent Calendar on stereoidsdanielw  for Automatic christmas bell ringers.ntewinkel for Connected Christmas Trees, and 14rhb for  LED Firework Suite - the details

    Wearable Tech

    Winners: ntewinkel  for The Thinking Capmilosrasic98  for Smart Bluetooth Gloves V1, and Workshopshed for UV Exposure Badge

    Back to Analog

    Winners: dougw  for Tube Amp on a PCBPulse Hunter for sunnyiut  , and costantinorizzuti for  CVBoard: new way to play with modular synths

    Test Instrumentation

    Winners: koudelad  for "No lies" IR Thermometerfmilburn for Working Prototype of a Kelvin (4-Wire) Milliohm Meter, dubbie for TinyDVM, and dougw for µBOSS .... Test Instrumentation ... micro:bit

    Clustered MCUs

    Winners: balearicdynamics for The Dancing Birdsdixonselvan for IoT Magical Wandmahmood.hassan for tinyMonster AIO Robot , and sakshambhutani for  Octopod: Smart Home IOT Project

    Solar Power Devices

    Winners: fmilburn for Solar Bubble Blaster, snidhi for  Simple Solar BOT , ralphjy for Solar SPEC, and oliverschalles for Project 'GiraSol'

    Movers and Shakers

    Winners: genebren for Walky the Biped Robot - WalkyII the final chapter.carmelito for Continuous Servo Bot , and Workshopshed  for Jumbo Servo

    Smart Alarm Clock

    Winners: kk99 for Self-adjusting clock with e-display and guycarver for  Object Sensing Clock

    Simple Music Maker

    Winners: jc2048 for A Simple Arduino Music Boxkk99 for Simple electronic musical instrument , and balearicdynamics for Dum-De-Dum, the Cardboard Drum!

    Open Arduino

    Winners: jomoenginer for Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid), fmilburn for LS Cubed: Little Sister Security Systembalearicdynamics for Unreal. Resistance is Futile , and ntewinkel for Celebrating Arduino with a Torch Relay!

    Robots with Wheels

    Winners: carmelito for Robots with Wheels - CupRobotsjmill01 for The Making of R2D2 - The Force on Wheels ,  and dubbie for  RoboBobLet .

    Mixing Electronics & Water

    Winners: sjmill01 for  Long Shower = Candle Powerurkraft  for (Semi)Automated Plant Irrigation System ,  and mbozdal  for Social Plant Survival Kit .

    Portable Electronics Kit

    Winners: dougw  for The Magic Tool Kit  ,  Workshopshed  for Babbages Baggage  ,  and fmilburn  for  PERMA-PROTO:  A Portable Prototyping System Built to Last  .

    The Holiday Special

    Winners: jofas  for Desktop Christmas Treentewinkel  for The Clausometer Christmas Spirit Meterjomoenginer for FLiP Connected X-Mas Ornament  , and dwinhold  for  Infinity Living Christmas Wreath

    Cool LED Display

    Winners: makethingstoday for Hello My Name is...In Lights!kk99 for Cotton LED star with Digispark module, and koudelad for Slot cars starting lights.

    Simple Electronic Repairs

    Winners: kk99  for Repair of tone control circuit in old transistor radiogam3t3ch  for Non-Electrical to Electrial issue: Battery booster pack repair. , Workshopshed  for  Train Repair , and sjmill01 for Fixing R2D2's Brains .

    Wacky Automation Devices

    Winners: dougw  for Purple Panic Buttoncarmelito for Automated Tea Dunker , and Workshopshed  for Voice activated torch using a Rube Goldberg Machine .

    Solar Powered Yard Gadget

    Winners: carmelito for Tilt Solar Light and  shabaz  for Building a Solar Charger

    DIY Test Equipment

    Winners: shabaz  for  Cyclops-1000: An Electronic Eye for Rotational Speed Measurementjw0752  for Process Duration Timer rsc  for Mini Air Jet , and ipv1 for DIY Constant Current Load.

    Going Green

    Winners: idanre1 for IOT Irrigation valve, and fvan for Chicken Coop Livestream!

    Geeky Gadgets

    Winners: fvan for Project Portfolio Badge, dougw for Geeked Out Business Cards, and shabaz for Build your own Torch/Flashlight!

    Techno Toys


    Winners: dougw for Sparky the Power Chick, Molham for DollaS Dancer, and idanre1 for This little bug has a bug