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    Congratulations to ravi_butani for DIY Smartphone controlled tiny plane as weekend project for children and parents  You are the winner of the Grand Prize of a SNES Classic and a $200 Shopping Cart!


    Congratulations to shabaz  for Creating your own Handheld Electronic Games – Pocket Nimfmilburn for the Rainbow Ukuleleluislabmo  for Pimp my PICADE , and balearicdynamics for the The Musical Box!  You are the First Place winners of the $100 Shopping Cart!


    "Innovation is hard. It really is. Because most people don't get it. Remember, the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, these were all considered toys at their introduction because they had no constituency. They were too new." - Nolan Bushnell, American businessman and electrical engineer. Established Atari, Inc. and the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre chain.


    The Electronic Toys competition challenged you to build an electronic toy such as an executive toy, puzzle toy, educational toy, or cuddly toy. Or, you could create a techno toy from an existing toy by adding electronic innards. Toy design can be very sophisticated and its definitely big business.  Games and toys often drive the electronics industry to develop new technology. The video game industry, a vehicle that's driven interest in computing and electronics engineering for many, comes to mind.  There's not a project that was submitted that anyone would have an argument with choosing as a winner.  For this winner's announcement we'll do something different.  We'll talk about the many deserving projects that received votes but didn't win before turning our attention to the winners.


    The following projects received first place votes from our community member judges:


    connormiller worked on a wearables project that involved C/Python programming, sewing, soldering, Autodesk Fusion 360, and Circuit Design.  It utilized a CO2 powered Gauntlet Webslinger, a Spidey Sense Rear Proximity Sensor to flag close objects, a Spidey Sense Rear Camera to use Microsoft Azure Machine Vision to report objects seen, and a small vibration motor that will rest on the neck and vibrate whenever the sensors report a danger. The result of the latest Raising Awesome video and you can check out the full project in Spider-Man: Into the Maker-Verse . In the first of three projects balearicdynamics decided to build a project for kids who were discovering Arduino for the first time.  His objectives for the project were to make it easy to assemble and understand by a class of kids and to make the project components replicable as a medium-difficult assembly kit.  As you would expect from a project from balearicdynamics, every box should have something original and he demonstrates that in The Useless Box.  In a separate project,  R2-D2 Arcade Live , he had the insane idea of setting-up the PiCade for live-action, control of an R2-D2 unit in a Star Wars simulated environment.  Meanwhiledubbie  decided to try and make some sort of augmented reality game. Augmented Reality, as far as this project is concerned, is taking a video stream  and processing it in some way and adding additional information on screen as an overlay.  He's connected a PixyCam to his laptop and run the supplied PixyMon programme. He's trained the Pixycam to recognise yellow objects, in this case Lego men. Rather than sticking a complete laptop on the headset, he's used an LCD display connected via a HDMI cable. The trial LCD display is quite large but a much smaller one, probably 3.5 inches or maybe 5 inches, check out the video and first project blog post.  This was the one project was on the bubble and almost declared a winner by the judges. You can check it out in ARBot #5 : The Final Working (after a fashion) System. mahmood.hassan  built a small and fun DIY toy for little kids to teach them alphabets, numbers, shapes and much more in Kids Kingdom: Learn N Fun .


    The following projects were chosen as your winners in the electronic toys competition:


    ravi_butani was the Grand Prize Winner.  In DIY Smartphone controlled tiny plane as weekend project for children and parents , he shows you how to build a DIY >$15 DIY Park Controller Plane using an ESP8266 and the Arduino IDE.  This was a great STEM related toy build and a very interesting initiative to teach students electronics and aerodynamics.  It involved cheap components and it was a highly detailed blog with lots of video.  The plane was not only handmade, he also flew it well.  The first place winners were all worthy winners as well.  luislabmo  pimped his picade using his engaving machine, doing some detailed engraving, and producing some superb visual effects in Pimp my PICADEfmilburn built a rainbow ukulele so his 3 year old granddaughter didn't feel left out when he was attending to "Robot Summer Camp" with her older siblings in the Rainbow Ukulele. balearicdynamics built an mp3 player and its a winner in The Musical Box. For the music generation, he uses an Arduino UnoArduino Uno aiming to create a general-purpose mp3 with a reusable design in other projects. In this particular context the Arduino mp3 player should reproduce the classical musical-box sound; to build the circuit he has an Arduino Prototype Shield. The circuit is not particularly complex and also an Arduino NANO will work fine. The core of the mp3 music player includes all the features you would find in a commercial mp3 player such as a six level equalizer preset, track selection, volume control, amplified speaker output, and earphone output.



    Without further ado here are your winners...


    {tabbedtable} Tab LabelTab Content
    The Winners


    The Grand Prize Winner


    DIY Smartphone controlled tiny plane as weekend project for children and parents by ravi_butani:


    Fuzzy Plant Watering System DIY Smartphone controlled tiny plane as weekend project for children and parents

    "The idea of building a small plane using cheap components was incredible and is a very interesting initiative for teaching electronics and aerodynamics concepts in schools." - Community Member Judge

    "This project achieved so much with so little and ravi_butani  provided a highly detailed blog, delivering a step by step guide to the build." - Community Member Judge

    "A great toy for a 3 year old. I particularly liked the fact that you got her involved in choosing the sounds to go on it. I'm sure she'll appreciate a personalized toy even more." - Community Member Judge


    Product Name
    (2) Coreless DC motor with cw and ccw prop
    ESP-12 or ESP-07 module
    3.7V 180mAH 20C LiPo battery
    (2) SI2302DS A2SHB SOT23 MOSFET
    (5) 3.3kOhms 1/10 watt smd or 1/4 watt through hole resistors
    1N4007 smd or through hole diode
    TP4056 1S 1A Lipo Charger module
    2 male and 1 female mini JST connector
    (2-3) Barbecue sticks
    50cm x 50cm 3mm depron sheet or any rigid 3mm foam sheet
    Single core insulated jumper wire
    Nodemcu or cp2102 USB to UART converter as programmer for upload firmware to esp8266
    Scotch Tape
    Super Glue
    Hobby grade Soldering Tools
    Surgical Blade with blade holder
    Hot glue gun
    Computer having Arduino IDE with ESP8266 Arduino Core
    Android Mobile phone



    "DIY Smartphone Controlled Plane, great description with lots of pictures." - Community Member Judge

    "A very cool project!  Great documentation and amazing results shown in the video." - Community Member Judge

    "Top Place: This goes to ravi_butani for his airplane as I thought the whole design was fun, modern and clever. I used to love model planes - chuck gliders and rubber band models so this really took me back to the 70's/80's and toys. It also seemed to work so well. Personally I would have accidentally crashed it on that maiden flight so another well done to him for the pilot skills." - Community Member Judge

    "I'm particularly impressed that the plane was handmade and that it flew so well." - Community Member Judge

    First Place Winners


    Creating your own Handheld Electronic Games – Pocket Nim  by shabaz :


    Creating your own Handheld Electronic Games - Pocket Nim


    "I loved the idea of the project, mainly because they use games as a motivating factor for teaching electronics, 3D printing, and programming." - Community Member Judge

    "Creating Your Own Handheld Electronic Games, great build well described." - Community Member Judge



    "As usual, flawless build with excellent documentation along the way. Nice to see his nephews trying out the prototype and seeing the design process in action." - Community Member Judge


    Product NameManufacturerQuantity
    C1 10u AluminiumKemet 1Buy NowBuy Now
    J1, J3 2-pin SIL HeaderMulticomp2Buy NowBuy Now
    Shorting Link 2.54mmHarwin1Buy NowBuy Now
    20-way SIL header (break into 8/8/4)Multicomp1Buy NowBuy Now
    Piezo DiscPro Signal1Buy NowBuy Now
    2 x AAA Battery HolderKeystone1Buy NowBuy Now
    Slide SwitchC&K1Buy NowBuy Now
    Tact SwitchMulticomp5Buy NowBuy Now
    U1 XMC 2Go XMC1100 BoardInfineon1Buy NowBuy Now
    EnclosureHammond1Buy NowBuy Now

    Product Name
    D1 8x8 LED Matrix
    PCB 69 x 60 mm
    (5) Plastic button caps


    "This was one amazing project.  Highly documented with great images/illustrations made this a very enjoyable read and highly educational." - Community Member Judge

    "Great to see him testing it with the next generation of engineers although maybe a bit harsh to scroll 'looser' across the screen to them :-) This was a very well packaged up toy, again taking me back to the 80's when LCD games were the rage (and cutting edge)." - Community Member Judge

    the Rainbow Ukulele by fmilburn:


    the Rainbox Ukelele

    "A fun project, built for a grandchild, how could anything be better." - Community Member Judge



    Product Name
    Scrap plywood
    Adafruit Feather M4 Express
    Adafruit Prop-Maker Wing (has amplifier and speaker connections)
    Lots of buttons
    A ring with WS21812 "NeoPixels"
    Speaker removed from a junked printer
    Wire and stuff



    "A fun project presented in an easy to build manner with great end results." - Community Member Judge

    "A great toy for a 3 year old. I particularly liked the fact that you got her involved in chosing the sounds to go on it. I'm sure she'll appreciate a personalized toy even more." - Community Member Judge


    Pimp my PICADE  by luislabmo:


    Pimp my PICADE

    "The 1st runner up was the Pimp my PICADE  by luislabmo for his use of the engraving machine and led display." - Community Member Judge

    "I really liked the high quality of the build and implementation to produce some superb visual effects." - Community Member Judge



    Product NameManufacturerQuantity
    Arduino Pro MiniAdafruit1Buy NowBuy Now
    PicadePimoroni1Buy NowBuy Now
    Creality CR-10SCreality1Buy NowBuy Now
    3D Printer FilamentUltimaker1Buy NowBuy Now

    Product Name
    Custom PCB
    7 individually addressable RGB LEDs



    "A very cool hack, packed with some great tool development.  A definite improvement to your gaming console." - Community Member Judge


    The Musical Box by balearicdynamics:


    The Musical Box

    "The 2nd runner up was the Musical Box by balearicdynamics for his usage of simple but effective sound and light. The side motor for the pointer was effective with the windup sound." - Community Member Judge




    Product NameManufacturerQuantity
    Arduino UnoArduino1Buy NowBuy Now
    bbc micro:bitbbc micro:bit1Buy NowBuy Now
    All-in-one Robotics Board For micro:bitKitronik1Buy NowBuy Now
    Keysight 1230 Series MultimeterKeysight1Buy NowBuy Now

    Product Name
    Arduino Prototype Shield
    DFPlayer Mini Mp3
    (5) DC Motors
    3D Print Parts
    Cardboard Boxes


    "Creating Your Own Handheld Electronic Games, great build well described." - Community Member Judge

    "Musical Box, cool build well described." - Community Member Judge

    Honorable Mention

    The following projects received first place votes from the community member judges:


    Spider-Man:  Into the Maker-Verse by connormiller:


    Spider-Man: Into the Maker-Verse


    Product NameManufacturerQuantity
    Raspberry Pi 3 Model ARaspberry Pi1Buy NowBuy Now
    RPI NOIR CAMERA BOARDRaspberry Pi1Buy NowBuy Now
    Raspberry Pi Sense HATRaspberry Pi1Buy NowBuy Now
    3D Printer FilamentUltimaker1Buy NowBuy Now
    HC-SR04 Ultrasonic SensorMCM1Buy NowBuy Now

    Product Name
    330 Ohm Resistor
    470 Ohm Resistor
    2n2222 NPN Transistor
    1N4007 Diode
    LM2596 DC to DC Buck Converter 3.0-40V to 1.5-35V Power Supply Step Down Module
    12mm x 2.7mm Cellphone Vibration DC Micro Motor 3V 70mA 12000RPM
    16 gram 3/8"-24 CO2 Cartridge
    CYCPLUS CO2 Inflator Bicycle Tire Pump
    1/4" Clear Vinyl Tubing tubing
    Kevlar® Braided Cord 500lb High Strength Low Stretch Tent Tarp Guyline
    1/4" Steel Rod Stock (for metal hook, alternately it can be 3D Printed)


    "The final runner up was Spider-Man:  Into the Maker-Verse by connormiller on account of his sewing and using many instruments for design. He has a fertile mind and good focus for the results." - Community Member Judge


    The Useless Box by balearicdynamics :


    The Useless Box

    "Useless Box, good description and build instructions." - Community Member Judge

    "As usual, balearicdynamics has produced a highly unique and entertaining project delivered in a well detailed blog." - Community Member Judge


    Product NameManufacturerQuantity
    Arduino UnoArduino1Buy NowBuy Now


    Product Name
    Starter Kit
    Servo Arm


    ARBot by dubbie:



    "I wish to add a honorable mention for ARBot by dubbie. A great blog about many things especially the mobile robot truck. He may not have had success, but it was very good to instruct others to face adversity up front..." - Community Member Judge

    "I found the integration between digital image processing and augmented reality of this project very cool. The project was very well documented by the author and can be applied to many games with children." - Community Member Judge

    "For a project that didn't quite meet his aspirations, but plenty of effort was expended, I think this goes to dubbie's augmented reality project. It was fun and just along the lines of how many projects go - also nice to see I'm not the only one that struggles to get a motor traction :-)" - Community Member Judge

    Product NameManufacturerQuantity
    Arduino MKR ZeroArduino1Buy NowBuy Now


    Product Name
    2 Yellow Lego Men
    BN0055 Rotation Sensor
    Servo Motor
    SongMi Virtual Reality Glasses headset
    mobile robot chassis


    Kids Kingdom: Learn N Fun  by mahmood.hassan:


    Kids Kingdom: Learn N Fun

    "Building electronic equipment for children's entertainment and teaching is very interesting." - Community Member Judge


    "I played around with those RM/GUI software packages before but never made much progress. Where as mahmood.hassan seems to have got it covered very well and has built a great educational toy. It could actually be sold IMO." - Community Member Judge



    Product NameManufacturerQuantity

    STM32F746NG discovery kit

    ST1Buy NowBuy Now


    Product Name
    TouchGFX Designer
    Keil MDK


    R2-D2 Arcade Live by balearicdynamics:


    R2-D2 Arcade Live

    "A nice mash-up between two products. I have to also give him credit for managing 3 entries!" - Community Member Judge


    Product NameManufacturerQuantity
    PicadePIMORONI1Buy NowBuy Now
    Raspberry Pi 3B+Raspberry Pi 1Buy NowBuy Now
    RPI CameraRaspberry Pi1Buy NowBuy Now


    Product Name

    R2-D2 Droid


    What's Happening Now


    There's always stuff going on in the community and the best ideas always come from you.  Suggest your idea in the Monthly Poll,  and vote on the themes you want to do projects on. Build projects that scavenge energy from sources such as solar, vibrations, heat, etc. and store them in an associated storage such as rechargeable batteries, super capacitors, etc. in the Energy Harvesting competition.  Or, your project can be either a vision based project involving anything that is related to Computer Vision and Machine Learning , Camera Vision and AI based projects, or Deep Learning. Or, it can be a graphics project involving something graphical such as graphics such adding a graphical display to a microcontroller, image processing on a microcontroller, image recognition interface a camera to a microcontroller,  or FPGA - camera interfacing/image in the Vision Thing competition. 


    Energy HarvestingVision Thing
    Project14 | Energy Harvesting: Build Projects that Scavenge Energy from Wasted Energy Sources! Project14 | Vision Thing: Build Things Using Graphics, AI, Computer Vision, & Beyond!

    Energy Harvesting Vision Thing



    Thank you for continued support of Project14 !


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