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    Welcome to the Path II Programmable Trainees Page!

    The Path II Programmable training project will train ten element14 members by providing them with free FPGA/SoC training modules with lab exercises. Once the training has been completed, the trainees will build a project with the Avnet Ultra96-V2Ultra96-V2 development board. In return for both the FREE training and the Ultra96-V2Ultra96-V2 development board, the five trainees will blog weekly to report on their progress, covering both the high points and the challenges of learning the Ultra96-V2Ultra96-V2.

    Due to receiving so many high quality applications, element14 has decided to increase the number of trainees from 5 to 10.

    Please join us in congratulating the 10 Trainees!  We look forward to reading all of their initial blogs and seeing their projects after the training.

    Philip Kasavan | Antonio Rios | Avner Fernandes | Cary Smith | Charles Mao  | Ian JohnstonJames O'Gorman | Ralph Yamamoto | Vladislav Rumiantsev

    Philip Kasavan


    Design Engineer - Mechanical / Electrical Focus

    Bio: Philip Kasavan is an design engineer - mechanical / electrical focus.

    Interest in the training: "I have experience working with FPGAs and microcontrollers/processors separately, but I haven't had many opportunities to work on projects which combine both on one device."

    Philip Kasavan's project blogs

    Antonio Rios


    Computer Engineer

    Bio: Antonio Rios is a computer engineer.

    Interest in the training: "I am working on a deep learning accelerator for CNN and DeltaRNN, in order to develop a custom hardware to parallelize the computation of the deep learning algorithms to achieve a high computing throughput, low latency, high efficiency, and low power consumption."

    Antonio Rios's project blogs

    Avner Fernandes



    Bio: Avner is a student.  His Community participation has included: Design Challenges, RoadTests, blogs, discussions, and videos.

    Interest in the training: "I've been interested in trying out the Ultra96 platform & the PYNQ framework, as the PYNQ overlays allow the FPGAs configuration to be swapped out on the fly using partial reconfiguration, which is great for prototyping."

    Avner Fernandes's project blogs

    Cary Smith


    Electrical Engineer

    Bio: Cary is an Electrical Engineer with over 20 years experience designing Analog and High-Speed Digital electronics. He has experience with FPGA design and verification, C/C++, DSPs, and Arm processors.

    Interest in the training: "A training program like this with deadlines will be the perfect motivation I need to get back into designing with Xilinx and getting familiar with the Vivado design tools."

    Cary Smith's project blogs

    Charles Mao


    Engineer - Research & Development

    Bio: Charles Mao is an engineer - research & development.

    Interest in the training: "I think this training program is a perfect opportunity for me to overcome some challenges and make me comfortable with Zynq MPSoC Systems for my future job projects, such as autonomous driving, etc."

    Charles Mao's project blogs

    Ian Johnston


    Electrical Engineer

    Bio: Ian Johnston is an electrical engineer.

    Interest in the training: "I enjoyed FPGA related work while I was at university but, as my company is small and lacking in FPGA expertise I haven't had much chance to use or expand on these skills since I left university."

    Ian Johnston's project blogs

    James O'Gorman


    Engineer - Research & Development

    Bio: James is an engineer in Research & Development. His Community participation has included: being a Design Challenge winner, posting discussions, and blogs.

    Interest in the training: "Path to Programmable 1 was my first time around with these devices. I hope to dive deeper this time. I have programmed FPGAs and PLDs at work; but just downloading the official software releases and not doing my own coding and creating IP."

    James O'Gorman's project blogs

    Ralph Yamamoto


    Electrical Engineer

    Bio: Ralph is an electrical engineer.

    Interest in the training: "I would like to learn the lower level hardware programming flow using Vivado, and I think this course would be the ideal vehicle for that.  I'd like to get more experience developing custom overlays for FPGAs."

    Ralph Yamamoto's project blogs

    Vladislav Rumiantsev


    Electrical Engineer

    Bio: Vladislav is an electrical engineer.

    Interest in the training: "I am very keen to gain more knowledge and experience in working with systems that include both PL and PS. Until now, I have mostly worked with them separately."

    Vladislav Rumiantsev's project blogs

    Interested in following along with the Trainees? Here's how:

    Follow their posts to learn more about the FPGA/SoC. You can purchase the Ultra96-V2Ultra96-V2 to recreate the projects of the trainees and feel free to comment.


    Good Luck Everyone!