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    In April, we challenged our members to tell us about summer code club initiatives in their local communities. Whether through assisting in the setup of a brand new code club or working with an established group, our goal was to empower our members to pass on their coding and electrical engineering skills to the next generation.

    After evaluating a fantastic collection of applications, we announced the ten chosen members. These STEM champions hailed from all over the world, volunteering their time and resources to ensure that all children have the tools to thrive in modern world. Each finalist received a micro:bit Club Packmicro:bit Club Pack and a batch of Kitronik Inventors KitsKitronik Inventors Kits -  the latter kindly donated by our colleagues at Kitronik.


    Now, with all their blogs in, we had more difficult choices to make: who would be the winners? After much deliberation, here they are!



    Grand Prizes


    bibliopetrila - Romania


    I caught you, Killer! – the next Grand Prize of 10x Raspberry pi (Petrila, RO)



    julianrendell - Canada


    # MakeItZone Micro:Bit SoCCC 2019 Blog #4 - Lesson Plan and Sessions



    ashutosh_pandey - India


    Micro: Bit code club post 6: Smart Refrigerators



    Runners Up


    drsujit - United Kingdom


    Cambourne Electronics and Robotics Club Certification Ceremony



    gusmerckel - Mexico


    First Workshop with the Micro:bits from the "Micro:bit Summer Code Club Challenge



    The Prizes


    Our Grand Prize winners will receive ten Raspberry Pi 3 B+ In a Box KitsRaspberry Pi 3 B+ In a Box Kits, which each feature a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, the book Adventures in Raspberry Pi, a microSD card, a case, a USB keyboard and mouse, and more. These kits will help the code club students work with another very popular development platform in Raspberry Pi, expanding their experience and skills.



    Our Runner Up winners will receive a bundle of micro:bit accessories featuring the Kitronik MeArm Robot Arm KitKitronik MeArm Robot Arm Kit, DFRobot Boson Starter KitDFRobot Boson Starter Kit, and element14 MINODE Dev Kitelement14 MINODE Dev Kit.




    Congratulations to our winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge! We hope your students' love of electronics will continue to grow, as they become the engineers of the future.