Version 1



    Parts List


    Component TypeComponent NameDescriptionQuantity
    Core ArchitectureARMAdvanced RISC Machine1
    Processor64-Bit Quad64 Bit Quad Core Central (Micro)Processor Unit1
    Processor FeaturesCANController Area Network1
    I2CInter Integrated Circuit1
    PWMPulse Width Modulation1
    RTCReal Time Clock1
    SPISerial Peripheral Interface Communications Protocol1
    OS SupportAndroidGoogle's Linux Based Operating System1
    LinuxGNU/Linux based on UNIX1
    Interface and ConnectivityCANController Area Network BUS1
    EthernetRJ45 Socket1
    External Antenna (Cell/WiFi/Radio)Connection for an External Antenna for Onboard Wireless Tech'1
    GPIOs (Expansion Port / Pin Headers)General Purpose Input/Output Header1
    HDMI / microHDMIHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface1
    Power ConnectorConnector Designed for Power Connection1
    SD / MicroSDSecure Digital / Micro Secure Digital Connector1
    USB-AUniversal Serial Bus - A Connector1
    MemoryDDR SDRAM (DDR2/DDR3)Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory2
    FeaturesBattery ManagementMaintain Battery (Dis)Charging1
    Bluetooth2.4 GHz FHSS Wireless Technology1
    Encryption EngineHardware Based Encryption1
    GFX Chip (2D/3D)Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) 2D/3D1
    Modem interfaceModulator / Demodulator1
    Power ButtonSwitch to control Power1
    Reset ButtonSwitch to Reset Power to the Board1
    WiFi (802.11g/n)WiFi IEEE 802.11g or 802.11n (2.4Ghz / 5Ghz)1
    SensorsAccelerometerMovement Detection1
    Humidity / HydrometerMoisture1
    MagneticMagnetism Relative Measurement1
    PressureGas / Liquid Pressure Detection1
    TemperatureTemperature Sensor1