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    We’re calling on all of element14's makers, hobbyists, and engineers to experiment with inductors. All experimenters are eligible to win a Tenma Digital Oscilloscope and a Perpetual License to CircuitStudio PCB Design software.

    Who Can Join?

    Anyone can join the 'Experimenting with Inductors' competition by including at least one of the kit's Inductors in his/her experiments. But to receive one of 9 FREE Inductors Kits, you need to submit an application by the enrollment deadline, 4 January 2020.



    What is the 'Experimenting with Inductors' Competition?

    This is a hands-on competition that everyone in the Community can participate in. Instead of requiring a participant to produce a full prototype, project, or original circuit design, we decided that we'd give our members the opportunity in this competition to experiment, test, breadboard, or just play around with Inductors, and then tell us about their experiments, and what they learned about Inductors in some blog postings.


    What kind of experiments will the participants perform?

    It depends on your interests. Some people may opt to design an original circuit with Inductors. But you could also build some basic R-L, L-C, or R-C-L circuits to illustrate the use of the Inductors. Are you into soldering? Well, then you can build and experiment around soldering inductors. Or, you could design a PCB with a CAD program and show us your design. Use your imagination and creativity!


    What do I need to do to win the Grand Prize?

    We knew you were going to ask that! After the enrollment period is complete, and the 9 FREE Inductors Kits are shipped, you will have 1 month to complete your experiments, write two blogs, and share what you learned about Inductors. You will be judged by the quality of the final blog and what you learned about inductors.


    Even if you don't win the free kit you are still eligible to win the Grand Prize, as long as you include one of the Inductors from the kit in your experiments AND write two blogs by the project deadline. The inductors are very inexpensive, so even a maker, a student, or a hobbyist can join the competition.


    What do I get if I don’t win the Grand Prize, but wrote the two blogs?

    We are offering a Runner Up Prize, too. But if you successfully finished the competition, you will also receive a finisher prize.


    Important Dates

    The important dates of the 'Experimenting with Inductors' Competition are:


    Enrollment Begins:Nov 18 2019
    Enrollment Ends:Jan 4 2020
    Applicants Selected:Jan 9 2020
    Challenge Begins:Jan 16 2020
    Challenge Ends:Feb 17 2020


    Blogging Requirement

    To successfully finish 'Experimenting with Inductors' you must write two blogs during the competition period. In the first blog, participants must introduce themselves and discuss what experiments they plan to conduct. In the second blog, participants must discuss the results of their experiments and share what they learned about inductors.  Please also tag your blogs with 'Experimenting with Inductors.'  The Blog schedule is:


    Blog 1: due date 10th Feb 2020

    Blog 2: due date 17th Feb 2020


    The Prizes

    There will be two prizes: a Grand Prize and Runner Up Prize.  We will also offer a finisher prize to those who have completed the competition.

    The Grand Prize

    CircuitStudio* Software + 72-764072-7640 Digital Oscilloscope

    CircuitStudio Note: A winner in the following countries will be given an alternate prize of equal value: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan and any other CIS country.

    Runner Up Prize

    MP730027 Digital Multimeter

    All Finisher's Prize

    Handheld Digital Multimeter


    The Kit

    element14 is offering ten kits free of charge. To be eligible, please submit an application by the enrollment deadline. Here is the kit:

    Product Description Buy Kit A*Buy Kit A* +  Buy Kit B*Buy Kit B*For More Information
    Parts BoxBuy NowBuy Now
    72-815572-8155 -  LCR MeterBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0520L1R0 - Power Inductor (SMD), 1 µH, 7.6 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0520L4R7 - Power Inductor (SMD), 4.7 µH, 3.4 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0520L100 - Power Inductor (SMD), 10 µH, 2.2 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0530L1R0 - Power Inductor (SMD), 1 µH, 10.7 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0530L4R7 - Power Inductor (SMD), 4.7 µH, 4.6 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0530L100 - Power Inductor (SMD), 10 µH, 3.1 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0624L1R0 - Power Inductor (SMD), 1 µH, 10.81 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0624L4R7 - Power Inductor (SMD), 4.7 µH, 4.91 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0624L100 - Power Inductor (SMD), 10 µH, 3.28 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0630L1R0 - Power Inductor (SMD), 1 µH, 13.06 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0630L4R7 - Power Inductor (SMD), 4.7 µH, 6.16 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0630L100 - Power Inductor (SMD), 10 µH, 4.23 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0650L1R0 - Power Inductor (SMD), 1 µH, 15.59 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0650L4R7 - Power Inductor (SMD), 4.7 µH, 6.7 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0650L100 - Power Inductor (SMD), 10 µH, 4.84 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0840L1R0 - Power Inductor (SMD), 1 µH, 20.75 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0840L4R7 - Power Inductor (SMD), 4.7 µH, 8.69 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    MPX1D0840L100  - Power Inductor (SMD), 10 µH, 5.98 A, MPX SeriesBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-87HY1R0H - INDUCTOR, 1 µH, 30%, 4.5A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-80HY4R7H - INDUCTOR, 4.7 µH, 20%, 3.3A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-11HY4R7H - INDUCTOR, 4.7 µH, 20%, 4.1A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-14HY220B - INDUCTOR, 22 µH, 20%, 2.7A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-14HY680B - INDUCTOR, 68 µH, 10%, 1.7A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-47HY121B - INDUCTOR, 120 µH, 10%, 0.45A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-47HY271B - INDUCTOR, 270 µH, 10%, 0.3A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-47HY3R9B - INDUCTOR, 3.9 µH, 20%, 2.15A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-80HY102H - INDUCTOR, 1 mH, 10%, 0.4A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-14HY222B - INDUCTOR, 2.2 mH, 10%, 0.38A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-14HY682B - INDUCTOR, 6.8 mH, 10%, 0.22A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-47HY150B - INDUCTOR, 15 µH, 20%, 1.25A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now
    SBCP-47HY821B - INDUCTOR, 820 µH, 10%, 0.16A, RADIALBuy NowBuy Now


    The Judges

    Top Members of the element14 Community will be our judges. They are:


    Top Member Frank Milburn

    Frank is a retired mechanical engineer with 40 years industry experience.  In his first job out of university he helped develop and test FORTRAN models of thermodynamic and fluid flow processes which resulted in a lifelong interest in the interaction of computers and the physical world. After retiring as an engineering manager overseeing design and construction of large industrial facilities he spends his time tinkering with small mechanical and electronic devices and especially enjoys working with the next generation of engineers and scientists.


    Top Member Don Bertke

    Don spent 35 years in the aerospace industry working on many advanced projects. His range of experience covers nearly every scientific field and most ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. He has a very broad interest and knowledge in science with extensive analysis in image, multispectral and hyper-spectral analysis. He has also worked on a wide range of embedded computer applications, including integrated search and rescue systems.


    Thank you to our Judges for offering their time and service.  The element14 Community Team with help oversee the judges and competitors during this process.


    Anyone Can Join Experimenting With Inductors!

    Anyone can join the 'Experimenting with Inductors' competition by including one of the inductors in his/her experiments. To receive one of the 9 FREE Inductors Kits, you need to submit an application by the deadline, 4 January 2020.


    General Questions

    For any general questions about the Experimenting with Inductors competition, please post a comment on this page.


    To keep up-to-date with this competition, please bookmark it.