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    Congratulations to sjmill01  for BBAI Seein' Around Corners, Talkin', IoT Exploitin' Backup Car Cam with Onboard Vision AI .  You are the winner of the Grand Prize of an Oscilloscope plus a $200 Shopping Cart!


    Congratulations to neuromodulator for Vector Display GPU Project, dubbie  for Light Dependant Resistor Camera LDRCam)vlasov01  for Driver State Monitor with OpenCV and BeagleBone AI, and skywalker1211 for Virtual Loop Sensor!  You are the First Place winners of the $100 Shopping Cart!


    The Vision Thing competition was a great opportunity to do something creative that stretched the imagination of what hardware can do.  Your projects could be either a vision based project involving anything that is related to Computer Vision and Machine Learning , Camera Vision and AI based projects, Deep Learning, using hardware such as the BeagleBone AI, Nvidia Jetson Nano, Pi with Intel Compute Stick, Edge TPU, etc.  Or, it could be a graphics project involving something graphical such as adding a graphical display to a microcontroller, image processing on a microcontroller, image recognition interface a camera to a microcontroller,  or FPGA - camera interfacing/image processing/graphical display.  As a bonus, this competition coincided with the product release of the BeagleBone AI and we challenged you to Project14 | Vision Thing: Beaglebone AI Your Vision Thing Project!  A lot of great ideas were bounced around in this doc and the theme doc, Project14 | Vision Thing: Meet the Projects Using Graphics, AI, Computer Vision, & Beyond! mayermakes shot a video promo and made his own Animatronics Vision Thing project in Episode 418: Animatronic Terminator Skull with BeagleBone® AI and Giveaway!  Deciding who to send the boards to was very difficult but a lot of great content was produced with the boards that we did give away such as the following guides from shabaz:


    The Grand Prize winner of the competition was sjmill01 with his BBAI Seein' Around Corners, Talkin', IoT Exploitin' Backup Car Cam with Onboard Vision AI.   Perhaps, equally impressive was the guide that he produced for the BB-AI which was sited as a huge help to many of the members:


    As with any new product release there were some unexpected hiccups such as were brought up by ipv1 in the discussion Beaglebone Ai Heating Issues .   Many members brought up the fact that they needed more time for this competition and in an ideal world this competition could have easily lasted another three weeks!   What was great about this competition was all the learning that occurred.   This was a lot of members first experience with computer vision, ai based projects, and the Beaglebone platform.   It was really great to see the members come together and help one another with their projects.  Some really interesting ideas turned into the beginnings of really interesting projects such as   iBox: #4 Summary of Project by 14rhb , BBAI-Dried Sea Cucumber Species Identifier by kurst811 , Smarthab: Facial Recognition. v It's Alive! by phoenixcommThe Watching Picture by dixonselvan ,  and Poop Buster with Beaglebone AI by weiwei2 .     While not everyone made it to the finish line,  you should all be proud of the work that you did as it was really fun to see these projects come in.   As far as voting goes,  eleven different projects received votes from the judges, which is an indication of how strong this class of projects was.  Runner ups in the competition were Vehicle Speed Camera - Beaglebone AI by gam3t3ch , Self Driving Car (Automatic Lane Detection) (on a Robot) by vimarsh_ , Dragon Detector by WorkshopshedMedication Monitor - Part 1 bymilosrasic98 ,   Smart Security Camera (with Attendance on Google Sheets) by aabhas ,  and AI_Lock - DIY with BeagleBone AI in four hours by fyaocn .


    BBAI-Dried Sea Cucumber Species Identifier  - kurst811


    "I didn't know what to expect when reading this project initially, but it turned out to be extremely interesting! Lots of useful information, and it has encouraged me to learn some new technologies. I hope we can see a video of the project too." - Community Member Judge

    iBox: #4 Summary of Project  - 14rhb 


    "Great to see OpenCV in use on the Pi. It is a big step for a newcomer to use OpenCV to the point of performing image detail reduction techniques and classification, so it was impressive to see the progress. I hope the work with OpenCV continues." - Community Member Judge

    Poop Buster with Beaglebone AI  - weiwei2


    "Interesting concept! Great to see the BB-AI being used for this. I hope the project evolves, because the recognition part could be applied to other projects in the future." - Community Member Judge

    Smarthab: Facial Recognition. v It's Alive!  - phoenixcomm


    "Interesting project, it's something which everyone would want for their home automation. The hardware selection is great, the BB-AI should have lots of power for this use-case. Looking forward to seeing how this project goes." - Community Member Judge

    The Watching Picture  -  dixonselvan 


    "Interesting project, it could be a fun thing for halloween or parties. Hopefully Dixon finds time to develop it further." - Community Member Judge


    The fact that there were so many great projects with this competition just makes you appreciate the work that the First Place winners produced (we added an extra winner as there was a two-way tie)!   The first place winners were Vector Display GPU Project FPGA to create some beautiful vector drawings, Driver State Monitor with OpenCV and BeagleBone AI by vlasov01 , LDR Camera #10 : The Artificial Neural Network (SimonnV5) by dubbie , and Virtual Loop Sensor by skywalker1211 .


    Without further ado here are your winners.......



    {tabbedtable} Tab LabelTab Content

    The Winners

    The Grand Prize



    BBAI Seein' Around Corners, Talkin', IoT Exploitin' Backup Car Cam with Onboard Vision AI  by sjmill01:


    sjmill01  was happy to be provided a BeagleBone AI to experiment with for this Project.  So, he and his son connormiller  scratched their heads hard on what they could do that would be intriguing to a reader while testing nearly all functionality of the BBAI.  The Debian Linux operating system works great with the BBAI and provides many project opportunities on its own.  To take it further they wanted to make something original that would exploit all its capabilities:  GPIO Input/Output, PWM, I2C, Visual AI Classification with TIDL, Open CV for a GUI, Ad Hoc WiFi Streaming, IoT API communication, and Audio.  They also thought of how an educator could use it as a classroom project - dig out those Matchbox cars! So, they dreamed up the Seein' Around Corners, Talkin', IoT Exploitin' BBAI Backup Car Cam.  It's a novelty project intended to provide example code to get one going with the game changing BBAI - not as another Linux box with a web cam - but as a GPU accelerated, embedded micro controller to control your own inspired Vision AI robotics projects. Of course, the BBAI can readily showcase existing Raspberry Pi project repositories.  Their mission was to showcase the BBAI's hardware advantage.  This project leverages TI's Vision AI accelerated hardware to max out the BBAI capability at frame rate speeds.  With the BBAI being brand new hardware to the market, this project led to greater than 90 hours of research, design, coding, and documentation as we went down a rabbit hole to understand the BBAI architecture.  They eliminated much clutter from their blog by documenting the research into a companion blog that is sure to get you going with the BBAI.  Their hope is that you enjoy their virtual backseat buddy and gain some nuggets of your own to make for this great platform.


    Community Member Scoring:


    Grand Prize: 8 points, First Place:  2 points, Total Points: 10 Points


    Seeing Around Corners BeagleBone Backup Car Camera


    "He proposed an ambitious project, completed it, and along the way documented important functions in the new BB AI.  Other contestants benefited from his documentation.... I will be referring to his information as I learn the BB AI." - Community Member Judge

    "Nice project with a mix of technologies. However it wasn't clear how much of the reversing activity was using video, or the LIDAR sensor. Still, the technologies used were great to see, and the information could be applied to many other future projects. Sean put in a lot of effort, as well as lots of useful BB-AI documentation." - Community Member Judge


    "Sean Miller has went the extra mile ahead and explored the BB-AI. He has provided so much valuable information that will help a starter have a hassle free start. His project will be definitely useful and has been documented excellently with all the troubles and issues he faced and details of how he overcame them." - Community Member Judge

    "My top pick is the "Seein' around corners" project. I really liked reading to its comprehensive project description, and learned quite a lot. Sean and his son set their goal quite high, and I think they even overachieved. Bonus points for using LEGO in their test setup :)" - Community Member Judge

    "Seeing around corners, excellent post providing detail, pictures and good explanation." - Community Member Judge

    "Great to see a father and son working together. It's always good to inspire the next generation. I'm hoping to do the same when mine are a little older. I also appreciated the fact that a useful guide to getting started with the BB-AI came out of this too." - Community Member Judge


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    Product Name

    3D Printed Parts:  Github

    Mobile Phone



    First Place Winners


    Vector Display GPU Project  by neuromodulator :


    As a follow-up to Learning Verilog with the Digilent Cmod S7  blog post, and as part of the Project14 | Vision Thing: Beaglebone AI Your Vision Thing Project!   neuromodulator decided to use an FPGA to design a GPU to draw on a vector display  Vector displays in contrast to raster displays can have the electron beam deflected in any arbitrary form through the control of their X and Y coordinates. One example of this type of display is the Tektronix 4051.  Another example of displays that use this technology are cathode ray tube (CRT) oscilloscopes. Having the ΔΣ DAC properly working he decided to go for something more challenging. Lissajous curves have already been shown too many times on oscilloscopes, so he decided to solve ordinary differential equations in the FPGA. One interesting ODE system is the Lorenz system, developed by Edward Lorenz while studying atmospheric convection, which can display chaotic behavior  with certain parameter values.


    Community Member Scoring:


    Grand Prize:  6 points, First Place:  2 points, Total Points: 8 Points



    Vector Display GPU Project


    "I learned a lot reading this (Q notation), I expected a simple Lissajous vector display (which he noted was overdone).  Very impressive and unexpected project.  I would have to spend many days to understand all that he presented." - Community Member Judge

    "A really interesting project that was also very well written up. I liked the fact that it merges of an old style of display with a modern FPGA." - Community Member Judge



    "A fantastic project (actually two projects rolled into one). Some source code was provided. Really great to see FPGAs being used for vector displays, and the demonstration video for the second project (which used OpenCV as a kind of preprocessor) was impressive too." - Community Member Judge

    "Vector Display, good technical challenge appreciated by those of us experienced with vector graphics design and development." - Community Member Judge

    Light Dependant Resistor Camera LDRCam)  by dubbie:


    dubbie  couldn't think of any more excuses for not powering up the BeagleBone AI so that he could use it to run the ANN (artificial neural network) for his LDR Camera, He decided to try and get it going. He thought he had a Raspberry Pi 3 power supply that came with a Type C connector but as it turns out, he doesn’t. He also thought he had a power module with a USB connection that was able to provide 5V at 2 amps or so. Turns out he doesn’t, it is 5.2V at 1.8 A and as he wasn't sure if 5.2V would be OK he decided not to use it. All that was left was the USB C cable to his laptop that he had previously purchased. The Artificial Neural Network that dubbie  wants to use with the LDR camera and the BeagleBone AI is one derived from a book by H Pao. As it has been some time since he used this programme he thought it would be beneficial to refresh his memory of how it works. Fortunately he has a copy of the program with will work in a Command window with Windows 10. He no longer has a copy of the Microsoft C compiler so he was not able to make any changes to this version. Hopefully he will be able to use a C compiler on the BeagleBone AI to make some updates. The consequence of this is that the programme, called SimonnV5 (SIMple Online Neural Network Version 5 - it's not online but he needed the O to make Simon) is limited to a maximum of 50 inputs. The LDR camera has 64 inputs so he cannot use it with compatible data examples.


    Community Member Scoring:


    Grand Prize: First Place:  4 points, Total Points: 4 Points


    Light Dependent Resistor Camera (LDRCam)

    "His step by step description of his work was excellent, problems encountered, workarounds he decided on.  He started with what he knew (arduino), making his concept work, and then tried to move on to the BB AI.  His explanations and videos show his thought process and results clearly." - Community Member Judge



    "This turned out to be a very unique project. Initially I wasn't sure what the result would be, but Dubbie managed to turn it into an interesting hardware version of an eye, with a ton of wiring to do that! Impressive that he even went to the extent of investigating a neural network for the eye too!" - Community Member Judge

    "LDR Camera, Great post, original idea and execution" - Community Member Judge


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    Product Name

    10 kOhm resistor (64)

    Dupont Wires
    16-to-1 analogue multiplexers (4)
    Wires and Connectors (150)


    Driver State Monitor with OpenCV and BeagleBone AI  by vlasov01:


    This project is an attempt to build a in-car safety device, which monitors drivers' attention to the road and creates alerts if the driver becomes sleepy or distracted. The statistics are quite alarming in regard to drowsy driving. An estimated 1 in 25 adult drivers (aged 18 years or older) report having fallen asleep while driving in the previous 30 days in the US. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drowsy driving was responsible for 72,000 crashes, 44,000 injuries, and 800 deaths in 2013. However, these numbers are underestimated and up to 6,000 fatal crashes each year may be caused by drowsy drivers. Texting while driving is another significant source of accidents a well. Journey Driver State Monitor (DSM) with BeagleBone AI is a project that explores the capabilities of OpenCV and BeagleBone AI (BBAI) to improve drivers' safety. It is based on work done by Adrian Rosebrock, which was published in his blog "Drowsiness detection with OpenCV."


    Community Member Scoring:


    First Place:  3 points, Total Points: 3 Points


    Driver State Monitor with OpenCV and BeagleBone AI

    "This was a genuinely useful implementation of the BeagleBone's Vision processing. He saw the project through to completion too. I almost put this as the winner. This and Neuromodulator's display are the two stand-out projects this month." - Community Member Judge

    "This project is a life saver I would say. Because most accidents happen in just a blink of an eye of tired drivers." - Community Member Judge


    "Although the project description is not as complete, Sergey delivered a really cool and useful project here. Using face recognition to detect when someone is about to fall asleep or is not concentrated is a cool idea." - Community Member Judge

    "Driver State Monitor, built on someone else's work, but a good use of vision systems." - Community Member Judge


    Product NameManufacturerQuantity
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    FanNidel Copec Electronics1Buy NowBuy Now



    Product Name

    USB Webcam

    Debian (supplied with BBAI) kernel 4.14.x

    Python 3.5
    OpenCV 4 to process video stream
    Dlib to detect face and face landmarks


    Virtual Loop Sensor  by skywalker1211


    This project uses the raspberry pi 2 and raspberry pi  camera v1.3  to record video from a traffic junction/grab it from online and process at home instead of installing raspi on the junction. for video proof, he does a simple vehicle count and detection with mini size vehicle (e.g. remote car) to demonstrate the project output.  For opencv4, you will get plenty of XXX was not declared in this scope errors.  This is due to capture properties no longer begin with CV_ in opencv4, and raspicam is written based on opencv3. workaround is to change all CV_CAP_XXX into cv::CAP_XXX in raspicam source file.


    Community Member Scoring:


    First Place:  3 points, Total Points: 3 Points


    Virtual Loop Sensor

    "Pretty impressive work - well documented, and a great concept, to do vehicle sensing by using a line drawn on the video. Great to see OpenCV being used, and the source code will be great for people to follow to understand how to create such video related projects. This was a very complete project." - Community Member Judge


    "Virtual Loop Sensor, good idea to set up an advanced vehicle counting package." - Community Member Judge

    The Runners Up

    Runners Up:


    Vehicle Speed Camera - Beaglebone AI by gam3t3ch :




    Community Member Scoring:


    First Place:  1 points, Total Points: 1 Points


    Vehicle Speed Camera - Beaglebone AI



    "This is a brilliant idea making a speed gun out of BB-AI which could be extended to make use of AI feature to note down frequent or pattern of defaulters by noting down the vehicle registration as well." - Community Member Judge

    "There were lots of vehicle projects in this Project14 challenge, but Wesley still managed to keep it interesting, tackling something quite challenging, determining the speed of objects. This could have applications for security purposes too; identifying unusually slow-moving cars, perhaps of the same color or type, multiple times, 'scoping the joint' or neighborhood." - Community Member Judge

    Medication Monitor - Part 1 by milosrasic98


    Community Member Scoring:


    First Place:  1 points, Total Points: 1 Points


    Medication Monitor - Part 1

    "This is another useful life saver project, not taking medications at the right time could be fatal. Waiting for Part 2." - Community Member Judge


    "Awesome idea - very innovative. I think there could be many applications for image recognition built into lighting like this. Milos used OpenCV, and got to the point of detecting the individual compartments of pill boxes, which is very cool. Hopefully the source code can be published too so people can learn the techniques used with OpenCV." - Community Member Judge


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    Self Driving Car (Automatic Lane Detection) (on a Robot) by vimarsh_



    Community Member Scoring:


    First Place:  1 points, Total Points: 1 Points


    Self Driving Car (Automatic Lane Detection (on a Robot)


    "Another well-done projects with a comprehensive project description. Vimarsh did a great example of all the work that needs to done for self-driving cars, and I again learned quite a lot from his project." - Community Member Judge

    "Automatic Lane Detection, good project well explained." - Community Member Judge

    "A good project. It still needs work to improve it, but considering Vimarsh attempted both robotics and vision, two challenging subjects, he's very brave : ) Really nicely documented too." - Community Member Judge

    Dragon Detector by Workshopshed:



    Community Member Scoring:



    First Place:  1 points, Total Points: 1 Points



    Dragon Detector


    "This hit my sweet spot for not-so-serious projects. But even dragons and knights prove to be very useful to learn about AI" - Community Member Judge


    "Dragon Detector, definitely original though an old recycled project." - Community Member Judge

    "Great project showing the power of OpenCV. Full source code too." - Community Member Judge


    Product Name

    Dragonboard 410c


    PIR detector

    Level Shifter
    Picon Zero board



    Smart Security Camera (with Attendance on Google Sheets) by aabhas:



    Community Member Scoring:


    First Place:  1 points, Total Points: 1 Points


    Smart Security Camera (with Attendance on Google Sheets)



    "Well-documented project, showing how to use OpenCV for face recognition and automatic logging of the person to a spreadsheet in the cloud. Aabhas went to a lot of effort to document this project, it looks great." - Community Member Judge

    "I can see how much enthusiasm has gone into this, and how one of our younger members has really been inspired to put a lot of effort into E14." - Community Member Judge

    "Smart Security Camera, well done project with lots of uses." - Community Member Judge

    AI_Lock - DIY with BeagleBone AI in four hours by fyaocn:



    Community Member Scoring:


    First Place:  1 points, Total Points: 1 Points


    aiLock on BeagleBone AI




    "Very interesting project, relying on the BB-AI hardware features and TIDL functionality to perform the image recognition. This is new stuff, so it's great to see such projects we can all learn from. There was actually an immense amount of useful information, but needs a video." - Community Member Judge

    "While others seemed overwhelmed by the new BB AI, he got right to it and made an electromechanical solution with no complaints.  He explained advanced BB topics such as PRU and TIDL.  I would have to spend a few days learning to understand it all (and I will, later)" - Community Member Judge

    Product NameManufacturerQuantity
    Beaglebone AIBeagleBoard 1Buy NowBuy Now



    Product Name

    One USB Camera

    One DC motor with Driver and Battery

    One normal door lock for refurbishment
    No more development software needed, you have C9 Cloud already


    What's Happening Now


    There's always stuff going on in the community and the best ideas always come from you.  Suggest your idea in the Monthly Poll,  and vote on the themes you want to do projects on. Build projects that combine animation and electronics to create mechanized puppets. They can be pre-programmed or remotely controlled, using servos, controllers, linkages, and more in the Animatronics competition.  Or, join our RF (Radio Frequency) competition for a chance to win a Spectrum Analyzer Grand Prize plus a $200 Shopping Cart or win a handheld Oscilloscope with a $100 Shopping Cart.  Build any projects involving or exploring RF including circuits, antennas, SDR, ham radios, modulation/demodulation, radars, and more!



    RF (Radio Frequency)Animatronics
    Project14 | RF (Radio Frequency): Win a Spectrum Analyzer for the Most Innovative RF Project! Xut: The Animatronic Penguin, Part 2

    Animatronics Animatronics



    We're having our third annual Holiday Special.  It's a lot like last year....  and the year before.... The theme is Holiday Special 19.  The goal is to Spread Mirth and Merry for a chance to win over $20,000 worth of prizes and gifts to give.   Like last year, the big Grand Prize is an Oscilloscope Grand Prize (only more expensive) plus a Tool Kit and $100 Shopping Cart Gift to Give.  $100 Shopping Carts and Tool Kits for 3 First Place Winners plus $100 Shopping Cart Gift to Gives!  Make a fun project in the holiday spirit.  Your project can be related to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus for the rest of us related!   It can even be a Star Wars project, if you only believe in the Force. The competition will run till January 15th.


    Holiday Special 19
    Project14 | Holiday Special 19: Over $20,000 Worth of Prizes and Gifts to Give! Holiday Special 19
    Gift to Keep: Tektronix Oscilloscope Plus Application BundleGift to Give: Tool Kit plus a $100 Shopping Cart
    Gift to Keep: Tool Kit Plus a $100 Shopping CartGift to Give: A $100 Shopping Cart



    Thank you for continued support of Project14 !


    Its been a great year and we're going to close it out with a bang!


    In the comments below:


    Be sure to Congratulate the Winners and Keep Being Awesome!



    Thank you for continued support of Project14 !


    In the comments below:


    Be sure to Congratulate the Winners and Keep Being Awesome!