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    After weeks of designing, researching, prototyping, coding, and testing, our Sensing the World Design Challenge has come to a close. We challenged our members to demonstrate potential applications for the Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 kit, and we've been amazed at what they created!

    There were 52 total project submissions, and - no surprise - it was incredibly difficult to narrow them down to 3 grand prize and 10 runner up winners. We want to extend our deepest thanks to peterfenn, bwilless, and kevinkeryk of Avnet for helping us to judge these submissions, their input was invaluable.


    Without further ado, we present our three Grand Prize winners!


    Grand Prizes:

    Sensing Dryer Lint: Improving Apartment Complex Building Safety Through IoT - Tony Reynolds


    A relative newcomer to the element14 Community, and he's already a grand prize winner! Tony developed an IoT device based around Azure Sphere to monitor dryer lint buildup so that building managers can be aware of this potential safety hazard.



    Judges' Feedback:

    A novel application, and he went to some effort creating his own custom sensor board, and documented the whole project very well.


    Avnet Azure Sphere Coke Drum Health Monitoring IoT AI - Sean Miller


    A father and son duo from the Raising Awesome YouTube channel step into the future, and prototype a small-scale version of an IoT system to monitor an industrial delayed coker unit.



    Judges' Feedback:

    Addresses a real-world problem and tests it in an approachable way, great documentation of a design future users could recreate.


    I was there! ... sensing citizens recycling - Enrique Albertos


    Recycling: (hopefully) we're all trying to do it, and (hopefully) our waste is actually being put to another good use. Enrique wants to reward good citizens for recycling, so he sets up a remote monitor system for recycling bins to track how full they are and potentially issue rewards to those using them.

    Judges' Feedback:


    Very interesting and creative application, really well documented and utilized many different features to achieve its goal.


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    Runners Up:





    We also want to recognize and reward these ten additional projects! Our judges' feedback is below each entry.


    RoomSphere - Alessandro Felicetti

    A well-functioning prototype with a great and polished look.


    Connecting a Boat to the Azure Cloud - Jan Kettler

    Great work incorporating Azure Sphere into an existing project to monitor dangerous algae blooms.


    Weather and Air Quality Station - S L

    Innovative use of the webserver interface in this application and great documentation.


    MeasureBridge - Pawel Skaruz

    Interesting use of his Homebridge device, a nice prototype.


    Urban Farming - Eivind Holt

    Very detailed and well documented, an effective project for a common application.


    SmartLocale - Andrei Florian

    This could be very useful for tech savvy street vendors or food truck owners, a strong proof of concept with good documentation.


    MagicLockbox - gesture controlled lockbox powered by AzureShere - Jakub Wróbel

    A creative project, with a unique approach to security using gestures instead of passcodes, and well documented.


    Sensing the air quality in my room (CO2, Dust) - Stephen Mott

    Utilized a lot of different features of the kit and cloud services and documented everything very well.


    Azure Sphere Shipping Container Security Device - kurst 811

    Technically impressive project that addresses a useful real-world application, documented thoroughly.


    Atmo-Sphere: Building an healthy home monitor - Jeremy Kuek

    Made great use of the kit's click sockets, documented well for those wanting to replicate the project.


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    Connections Challenge Winners:


    We also asked our competitors to connect their kits daily to our contest server, for at least 15 consecutive days. The following 50 members did that (and more!), and were chosen randomly from among those who completed the Phase 1 requirement to win $200 USD gift cards in their currency. Congratulations to them!