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    Congratulations to fmilburn for  Xut: The Animatronic Penguin.  You are the winner of a $200 Shopping Cart!


    Congratulations to 14rhb for Peter the Pumpkin - pt4 (ready to Share the Scare),   rsc  for  Creepy Clown's Best Friend Skelly, and robogary  for Gremlin in a Gas Mask!  You are the First Place winners of the $100 Shopping Cart!


    Congratulations to Fred27 for Lego Darth Vader reviews your code and fyaocn for Scary Door !   You are the runners up and you win free swag!


    The  Animatronics competition gave you an opportunity to create your own mechanized puppet that mimicked life.  The modern era of Animatronics began with Disney as an attempt to marry animation with reality. The first animatronic in a movie appeared in Mary Poppins and was later used by Spielberg in Jaws.   Spielberg would take Animatronics in the movies to another level with the 80s movie E.T. which had 150 different impressions to give the puppet its lifelike appearance.You can find out more fun facts about animatronics in the movies and vote for your favorite in  Project14 | Animatronics: Whose Your Favorite Animatronic from Film?   Speaking of the 80s, we had a Star Wars project that honored the original trilogy from the 80s with Lego Darth Vader reviews your code , an Evil Dead Moose with Hey Moogle - an animatronic moose assistant ,  and a Gremlins project with  Gremlin in a Gas Mask.  If you don't remember or care for the 80s then our friends from MATRIX Labs had you covered with a project from Meet the Robinsons with Doris the Evil Bowler Hat w/ ESP32 MATRIX Voice.


    The Grand Prize went to animatronic that bears an uncanny resemblance to Tux, everyone's favorite Linux Penguin, with Xut: The Animatronic Penguin, Part 2 .  It was joined by first place winners Gremlin in a Gas Mask , Peter the Pumpkin - pt4 (ready to Share the Scare), and Creepy Clown's Best Friend Skelly .   Runners up were Lego Darth Vader reviews your code and Scary Door also received first place votes and will be receiving free swag for being awesome!


    Without further ado here are your winners.......



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    The Winners

    The Grand Prize


    Xut by fmilburn:


    Community Member Scoring:


    Grand Prize: 6 points, First Place:  2 points, Total Points: 8 Points




    "Xut the Animatronic Penguin demonstrated exemplary 3d design and printing skills resulting in a very professional-looking finished product." - Community Member Judge

    "This was great fun. There were two detailed blogs about the build and Xut looked great, I was impressed how well the 3D printing came out." - Community Member Judge



    "Good story-telling and fair amount of photos that show all the details of the development of the project. I really enjoyed the description of how the 3D object were designed starting up from a sketch and ending in a 3D Fusion360 model." - Community Member Judge

    First Place Winners


    Peter the Pumpkin - pt4 (ready to Share the Scare)   by 14rhb:


    Community Member Scoring:


    Grand Prize:  4 points, First Place:  2 points, Total Points: 6 Points



    Peter the Pumpkin

    "Peter the Pumpkin was an impressive retrofit of electronics to a home-made papier mache head. Good engineering skills were demonstrated and several different techniques and materials were used. Exemplary documentation throughout." - Community Member Judge



    "Impressive retrofit of electronics to home-made papier mache head. Good engineering skills were demonstrated and several different techniques and materials were used." - Community Member Judge

    "I really liked the more agricultural approach to the engineering and build of this project against the more precise 3D printing often seen now. A lot of work went into the project and the blogs to produce fantastic effects." - Community Member Judge



    Creepy Clown's Best Friend Skelly by rsc



    Community Member Scoring:


    First Place:  5 points, Total Points: 5 Points


    Creepy Clown's Best Friend



    "It did seem a bit harsh to cut off the head first thing, but it all came good. Entertaining and a good end effect, detailed in an easy to follow blog." - Community Member Judge

    "Creepy clown’s best friend Skelly skillfully incorporated a servo and LED eyes into an existing dog skeleton model" - Community Member Judge


    "Cool project and Interesting hacking of a "skeleton dog", to add head movement and glowy eyes." - Community Member Judge



    Gremlin in a Gas Mask by robogary :


    Community Member Scoring:



    First Place:  3 points, Total Points: 3 Points


    Gremlin in a Gas Mask


    "Gremlin in a gas mask showcased a brilliant finished product that scared the pants off me." - Community Member Judge



    "The ends results of this are really good, it was a very neat project, good build and explanatory video. " - Community Member Judge

    "This project uses lots of components and its easy to see that it probably took quite a bit of time to develop. The eye animation is pretty amazing, and the video explains the project with a fair amount of detail, but a blog could have added more info. For instance, I'm not sure if author animated the eyes, also source code availability would have been nice." - Community Member Judge

    The Runners Up

    Runners Up:


    The following members received first place votes.



    Lego Darth Vader reviews your code by Fred27:



    Lego Darth Vader reviews your code

    "Very cool project showing the hacking of a toy to add servos and LEDs. Well written and entertaining to read, it contains the sufficient amount of details to allow easy replication." - Community Member Judge




    Scary Door by fyaocn  :


    Scary Door

    "Scary Door, simple but good description to duplicate." - Community Member Judge



    What's Happening Now


    We're having our third annual Holiday Special.  It's a lot like last year....  and the year before.... The theme is Holiday Special 19.  The goal is to Spread Mirth and Merry for a chance to win over $20,000 worth of prizes and gifts to give.   Like last year, the big Grand Prize is an Oscilloscope Grand Prize (only more expensive) plus a Tool Kit and $100 Shopping Cart Gift to Give.  $100 Shopping Carts and Tool Kits for 3 First Place Winners plus $100 Shopping Cart Gift to Gives!  Make a fun project in the holiday spirit.  Your project can be related to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus for the rest of us related!   It can even be a Star Wars project, if you only believe in the Force. The competition will run till January 15th.


    Holiday Special 19
    Project14 | Holiday Special 19: Over $20,000 Worth of Prizes and Gifts to Give! Holiday Special 19
    Gift to Keep: Tektronix Oscilloscope Plus Application BundleGift to Give: Tool Kit plus a $100 Shopping Cart
    Gift to Keep: Tool Kit Plus a $100 Shopping CartGift to Give: A $100 Shopping Cart



    Thank you for continued support of Project14 !


    Its been a great year and we're going to close it out with a bang!


    In the comments below:


    Be sure to Congratulate the Winners and Keep Being Awesome!