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    Welcome to the Experimenting with Inductors Challengers Page!

    Our 'Experimenting with Inductors' Competition, a collaboration/association with KEMET, has now launched.  The 9 chosen challengers will use the inductors from the kit to create or alter a design, showcasing what they have learned about inductors.  They will receive a Challenger Kit for FREE.  If you are not a sponsored challenger but want to join the competition see detail here.


    Please join us in congratulating the official sponsored Challengers.  We look forward to reading all your initial blogs introducing your project designs.

    Ankur Verma | Donald Lane | F. Yao | Gene Breniman | Huy Mai | Leow Cheah Wei | Miguel Pineiro | Rushiraj Jawale | Sean Miller

    Ankur Verma


    Integrated Design of Buck-Boost Regulator

    Synopsis:  I will experiment with the use of inductors in a function prototype of a buck and/or boost regular.

    Ankur Verma's project blogs

    Donald Lane


    Reflectometer Test Delay Line

    Synopsis: I intend to build some inductor / capacitor based delay lines for use with a rotor reflectometer for testing inter-turn faults within generator rotor windings.

    Donald Lane's project blogs

    F. Yao


    Inductors in RF Transmitter and Receiver

    Synopsis: I will experiment with the functional and performance of inductors using different values on the RF transmitter and receiver circuit.  The idea uses a software defined radio with limited hardware resources on Cortex ARM dev board.

    F. Yao's project blogs

    Gene Breniman


    Effects of Inductors on a Boost Regulator Circuit

    Synopsis: My experiment will study the parameter effects (e.g., inductance, DC resistance and rated current) in a boost regulator circuit.  I plan to modify an existing design (Walky the Biped Robot - Power pack) to accommodate multiple foot prints for SMD and through hole parts.

    Gene Breniman's project blogs

    Huy Mai


    RF Energy Harvesting Efficiency with Inductors

    Synopsis:  I will experiment with different inductors from the kit and record energy output and create a model to find the optimal inductor for different antennae.

    Huy Mai's project blogs

    Leow Cheah Wei


    Experimenting via System Simulation and Modeling

    Synopsis: I want to do a multi physics modeling and simulation. By doing modeling & simulation, and validating its result against my fabricated simple circuit, I believe I can obtain sufficiently good insights into inductors.

    Leow Cheah Wei's project blogs

    Miguel Pineiro


    Characterization of Inductors

    Synopsis: I would like to build an oil-based temperature chamber that will generate uniform temperature/time curves.  It will characterize the effect of temperature in the inductance and resistance of inductors.

    Miguel Pineiro's project blogs

    Rushiraj Jawale


    rsjawale24: Inductors Experiment

    Synopsis: I will design an experiment using inductors and electronic components, which will verify/prove the Fourier series. It summarizes that continuous time, and periodic signal can be expressed as the sum of harmonics of sinusoidal signal.

    Rushiraj Jawale's project blogs

    Sean Miller


    Custom Datalogger Power Sources

    Synopsis:  I will make power circuits that will take 24V to 12V, 5V, and 3.3V.  This is provide switching power to I2C devices, cameras, etc. so all of this, including the microcontroller, can be on a single PCB.

    Sean Miller's project blogs

    Interested in joining the Challengers? You can do it as a non-sponsored Challenger! Here's how:

    Simply get any of the featured inductors from the kit, integrate them into your project, and post 2 blogs about your design journey in the Experimenting with Inductors Competition (tagging your blogs 'Experimenting with Inductors Competition') and you'll be eligible to win the awesome prizes.


    Read full terms & conditions for more details.

    Good Luck Everyone!