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    Bench DMMs have an extra set of banana jacks called "sense." Known as a Kelvin or 4-wire measurement, these inputs accurately measure small resistances. Like, milliohms small. In this video, learn how to use a multimeter with 4-wire capability, prove 4-wire is more are accurate (in some cases), and a trick to get more accurate measurements with traditional 2-wire techniques.


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    MP730028 US Bench DMM, 5.5 DigitsMulticomp Pro1Buy NowBuy Now
    Through Hole Resistor, 0.1 ohm, 3 W, ± 5%, Axial LeadedMulticomp Pro1Buy NowBuy Now
    Through Hole Resistor, 1 ohm, 250 mW, ± 5%, Axial Leaded, 250 VMulticomp Pro1Buy NowBuy Now
    Handheld DMM (72-7780)Tenma1Buy NowBuy Now
    Test Lead Set, Banana Plug, Test Clip, Black, Red, 914 mmTenma1Buy NowBuy Now