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    Holiday Special 19

    Enter Your Holiday Season Project for a Chance to Win Over $20,000 Worth of Prizes and Gifts to Give!

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    Congratulations to garengllc  for Christmas Spirit-tron Summary.  You are the winner of the Tektronix Oscilloscope and Application Bundle!  You also have a Tool Kit to Gift to Give a Member for Their Project!


    Congratulations to deolee  for 5000W Dual Drive Electric Car,   cypresstwist for Open LED Race how-to , and milosrasic98  for Project Cookie Jar!  You are the First Place winners of a Tool Kit Bundle plus a $100 Shopping Cart!  Each of the First Place Winners Have a $100 Shopping Cart to Gift to Another Member for their project!



    The Grand Prize:

    3 First Place Winners:

    Gift to Keep: Tektronix Oscilloscope and Application Bundle!Gift to Give: Tool Kit Bundle + $100 Shopping Cart!Gift to Keep: Tool Kit Bundle + $100 Shopping Cart!Gift to Give: A $100 Shopping Cart!
    Buy KitBuy KitBuy KitBuy KitBuy KitBuy Kit




    Congratulations to ptoth   for Touch of Loveneuromodulator for Xmas Audiovisual Show14rhb for Happy New Year Element14: my last project for 2019 , neuromodulator for Xmas Audiovisual Showlui_gough for Jingle Wi-FPy: Encoding a Tune with UDP Packetssharkat  for  The Oreo Ornament: A Christmas Tree PCB,  and ravi_butani for Flying Santa Sleigh - Premier Blog# 1 !   You are the runners up and you win free swag!


    The third annual Holiday Special 19 was an open-ended holiday project competition that challenged you to make a project that reflects what the holidays mean to you. We asked community members to spread mirth and merry to the world through projects that use music, LED Displays, Nixie Pixels, Strobe Lights, Fog Machines, or anything else that puts you in a celebratory mood.  Your project could have been a "From Me to You" project, a thoughtful projects that's made with others in mind.  It could be inspired by gifts, food, or cards exchanged during the holidays. Or you could have focused on electronic ways of sending the warmest wishes to friends and family such as an electronic greetings card, a way to automatically email or use RF transmission to link up via video etc.  It could also be a fun project that's made in the holiday spirit such as a snow globe that will warn you of inclement weather conditions, voice-activated ornaments, jazzed up holiday cards, LED decorations - anything that means the holidays to you.  Your project could have been related to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus for the rest of us related!  It could even be a Star Wars project, if you only believe in the Force.


    The only thing that we asked of you is that your holiday project showed heart!  The project that shows the most heart wins a Tektronix Oscilloscope and Application bundle (~value of $18,500) plus a tool kit (~value of $325) to gift to another member for their project.


    Here are some other great projects from this competition that are worth a look in case you missed it:


    ARC The Herald Angels Sing, Plasma Speaker Tesla Coil!! by majanan:


    "The Electronics Advent Calendar is something all engineers should receive! Your Xmas sounds fantastic. Very good demo." - Community Member Judge 

    Hammy New Year by dougw:


    "Very nice message with the hot air. I'm surprised the hot air gun was not used for marshmallows!" - Community Member Judge

    can bus christmas by station240


    "Interesting project! CAN bus and LED lights are not something people think of to go together, but it's a neat idea."  - Community Member Judge

    Deck the halls with holiday flowers - and keep them alive by eivholt:


    "Very good looking project, and very practical!" - Community Member Judge

    The Secret Behind Santa's Sleigh by dougw :


    "Cool quadcopter - hope it got a flight over the holidays!" - Community Member Judge

    Heartfelt Holiday wishes from Christmas Bear by  robogary:


    "Very cute project : )" - Community Member Judge

    A Modern Digital Etch-a-Sketch by  lui_gough:


    "Nice demonstration of XY mode!" - Community Member Judge

    Multiple Raspberry Pi cluster builds by  cypresstwist:


    "Crazily huge Pi cluster - the execution is beautiful!" - Community Member Judge

    My Holiday Special 19 Message Box by  dubbie:


    "Nice text message box as a project! LED projects are always awesome.." - Community Member Judge


    Without further ado here are your winners.......



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    The Winners

    The Grand Prize


    Christmas Spirit Meter  by  garengllc


    Community Member Scoring:


    Grand Prize: 2 Points, First Place: 3 Point, Total Points:  5 Points


    Christmas Spirit Meter

    "The Christmas Spirit Meter has a couple of great videos and a detail explaination of the working. A great way to get everyone involved. Top quality finish." - Community Member Judge

    "Very cool project, it looks awesome, and I can imagine that kids and adults had fun with it!" - Community Member Judge



    "This is very festive way to find out how much Christmas spirit you have. It's great to have kids included in the attached video. Great project for the holiday special 19 competition." - Community Member Judge

    "A mixture of mechanics and electronics to produce a fun project with plenty of build detail over a number of blogs." - Community Member Judge

    "Fun idea that looks like it was enjoyed by the intended audience (and educational)" - Community Member Judge


    First Place Winners


    5000W Dual Drive Electric Car  by deolee :


    Community Member Scoring:


    Grand Prize: 4 Points Total Points:  4 Points


    5000W Dual Drive Electric Car



    "This was a fantastic achievement that created a lot of interaction and brought a smile to a lot of faces. There was a very well made video explaining the project concepts and build, I particularly liked the use of the custom spacer to maintain the belt tension."  - Community Member Judge



    "I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said : ) Great project, and glad you survived it : )" - Community Member Judge


    Open LED Race how-to  by  cypresstwist


    Community Member Scoring:


    First Place: 3 Points Total Points:  3 Points


    Open LED Race how-to



    "The Open LED Race is example of getting everyone together to play a game. It is fun game with a competitive element but not to serious. A detailed build and highlights some of the issues you can have with the simple circuit design." - Community Member Judge

    "Very cool racing game - I'd like to build it too!" - Community Member Judge




    "I can see how this project would get very addictive. I like how it is interactive and involves others in the fun time. Colourful lights, speed and competition, what more can you ask for. Photos and video included with a diagram of how it is put together." - Community Member Judge

    Project Cookie Jar by milosrasic98


    Community Member Scoring:


    Grand Prize: 2 Points, First Place: 1 Point, Total Points:  3 Points


    Project Cookie Jar

    "This was an innovative, festive linked project that I enjoyed reading about. There was a good, detailed blog of the build to support the project typical of Milos's great contributions." - Community Member Judge



    "A fantastic project, I loved it! It seems to work really well, and it is a really great idea. Extremely well-written blog post too." - Community Member Judge

    The Runners Up

    Runners Up:


    The following projects received votes.


    Touch of Love  by ptoth :


    Touch of Love

    "A Touch of Love is my last pick and favourite. Another simple circuit used to great effect. Despite being on strip board it has a high quality appearance and a delight to behold." - Community Member Judge


    "I like the way this brings people together for the holiday season. It's a fun project that everyone can take part in. This shows the meaning of the holiday season." - Community Member Judge

    "Slightly unusual circuit - but there's no arguing with results!" - Community Member Judge


    Flying Santa Sleigh - Premier Blog# 1  by  ravi_butani


    Flying Santa Sleigh


    "Nice start to a project. Looking forward to seeing it evolve!" - Community Member Judge



    Xmas Audiovisual Show by neuromodulator


    Community Member Scoring:


    Grand Prize: 8 Points, First Place: 1 Point, Total Points:  9 Points


    Xmas Audiovisual Show


    "A very challenging project that successfully produced some festive effects. The blog was well presented with plenty of information to accompany the build. " - Community Member Judge



    "The relays were loud, but the results were great! Excellent project, including the FM using FPGA." - Community Member Judge


    Happy New Year Element14: my last project for 2019  by 14rhb :



    Happy New Year element14: my last project for 2019


    "Fantastic displays and a multi-year project!" - Community Member Judge



    "Beautiful firework effects. This ought to be a product for sale!" - Community Member Judge


    Jingle Wi-FPy: Encoding a Tune with UDP Packets  by lui_gough:


    Jingle Wi-FPy: Encoding a Tune with UDP Packets


    "'Continuing the theme of radio abuse' :-)  Very nerdy in a very good way" - Community Member Judge



    "Very unusual way to transmit data in a hidden way - keep up the great work Gough." - Community Member Judge


    The Oreo Ornament: A Christmas Tree PCB by  sharkat


    The Oreo Ornament: A Christmas Tree PCB


    "Wow - very pretty Xmas Tree design! It looks great!" - Community Member Judge


    "Lots of good ideas here and it looks great." - Community Member Judge

    What's Happening Now


    The end of the year is a time for stepping back and taking a look back, so you can begin looking forward to the new year. One thing we're going to do this year, that we haven't done in the past is hand out some individual awards.  Find out who the Decider, Founder, and Influencer of the year is in Project14 | The 2019 Year in Review: Decider, Founder, and Influencer of the Year! and vote for your project of the year in Project14 | The 2019 Year in Review: What Is Your Project of the Year?


    Year In Review
    Project14 | The 2019 Year in Review: Decider, Founder, and Influencer of the Year! Project14 | The 2019 Year in Review: What Is Your Project of the Year?



    There's always stuff going on in the community and the best ideas always come from you.  Suggest your idea in the Monthly Poll,  and vote on the themes you want to do projects on. Build projects projects that involve infrasound, audible sound, ultrasound, amplifiers, piezoelectric material, spectrum analyzers, and more in the Acoustics  competition. Your project can be anything involving sound or using a transducer for converting one form of energy into another. In an electroacoustic context, a transducer converts sound energy into electrical energy (or vice versa). Your project can involve electroacoustic transducers that convert a sound wave to some form of electric signal such as loudspeakers, microphones, particle velocity sensors, hydrophones and sonar projectors. The most widely used transduction principles are electromagnetism, electrostatics and piezoelectricity.


    Project14 | Acoustics: Build Projects that Involve Infrasound, Audible Sound, Ultrasound, Amplifiers, and More!

    Acoustics Project14 | Poll to Decide the March 20' Competition




    Thank you for continued support of Project14 !


    Its been a great year and looking forward to another great year of projects!


    In the comments below:


    Be sure to Congratulate the Winners and Keep Being Awesome!