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    Are you ready to demonstrate your Arduino knowledge? Then take this 25-question quiz to test your knowledge of Arduino and see how ready you are for Arduino Certification.

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    1) What happens when a sketch is compiled?



    2) Which of the following is true about AVR microcontrollers?



    3) The AVR MCU memory core consists of Flash, SRAM, EEPROM, and fuses. Which of the following statements is true?



    4) True or False: ATMega 2560 has twice the amount of flash memory as the ATMega 1280, otherwise they are basically the same chip.



    5) True or False: Once the compiler converts the source code to object code, it is immediately executable using the firmware in the bootloader.



    6) The AVR MCU uses a _____ to fetch, decode, and execute instructions from the flash memory.  While one instruction is being executed, the next instruction is pre-fetched from memory so it is ready to be decoded and executed when the current instruction is completed.



    7) What does delay(10000) result in?



    8) Source code is converted to ____ using the _____ compiler, and it must be converted to ______  before it is uploaded to the bootloader using the ___ utility.



    9) True or False: analog(write) is used for true analog signals on ATMega based Arduino boards.



    10) _______ can be used to implement an RS-232RS-232 or RS-485 interface, or without external interface logic for chip-to-chip communication.



    11) True or False: the void setup() function will run only once.



    12) True or False: Adding more lightbulbs to a series circuit makes the light brighter?



    13) Place code in _____ to make an LED flash 10 times.



    14) An LED driver is an example of an ______.



    15) A knob is an example of an ______.



    16)  ________ is NOT a mode of operation for an AVR 8-bit timer/counter.



    17) Which of the following statements is true?



    18) Which board does NOT use an ATmega32U4 as its primary processor?



    19) A push button is an example of an _____.



    20) The IDE has a built-in _________ that allows you to send messages between your computer and your Arduino Board.  You can use it to debug sketches.



    21) Anything that appears between /* and */ is ____________.



    22) Which of the following options is an alternative to the Arduino IDE for programming Arduino?



    23) Arduino undergoes pre-processing to turn your sketch into a(n)  _____ program. Next dependencies of the sketch are found.



    24) If you connect an LED to pin 13, digitalWrite (13, LOW)  ______________.



    25) What is the numeric value of the char "H"?

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