Version 1

    EAO has developed a new family of standard and customisable snap-on, plug & play operator access devices that target control applications such as factory automation and industrial machinery, including semiconductor production equipment and CNC machinery.


    Providing easy access to many important operator control functions including on/off, up/down and emergency stop, the new EAO Smart Box devices use standard M12 connection technology and can be easily snapped-on to a standard DIN rail alongside control gear such as timers, relays, and PLCs, and just as easily removed. Robust and compact, EAO Smart Box control devices will also find ready applications in the numerous machinery manufacturing and factory automation applications where there is a need to connect operator control stations or sensors to a system.


    Manufacturers and operators of advanced industrial equipment are demanding cost-effective, convenient and reliable operator interfaces: “Our new Smart Box control devices provide flexible configuration and easy and quick installation, even in very tight spaces.


    The Smart Box with E Stop is stocked by Farnell under 285574 and 2855575