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    Sanyo Denki has introduced a new family the SF24 Series stepper motors that deliver 10% higher torque than currently available alternatives but produce 3dB(A) less noise with significantly reduced vibration and heat generation.


    Improvements in motor efficiency has enabled manufacturer Sanyo Denki to boost the torque of its new Sanmotion SF24 Series of 42mm stepper motors by 10% compared to current equivalent sized alternatives but with 15% lower inertia. Together these benefits enable faster acceleration with reduced heat distortion, enabling ultra-precise equipment positioning.


    The Sanyo Denki Sanmotion SF24 Series of stepper motors comprises four models each with a different motor depth, providing designers with a choice of holding torques ranging from 0.29Nm up to 0.8Nm, Single and dual shaft versions are available. All models feature a drive current of 1A per phase and there is a matching stepper motor driver stocked by Farnell under  1708566


    Manufactured using the latest automated motor winding, assembly and test processes the Sanmotion SF24 series of stepper motors are ideal for use in demanding applications such as medical inspection equipment and printing machinery and instrumentation. The new devices are part of a stepper motor offering that ranges in size from 14mm to 106mm. All Sanmotion stepper motors can be supplied complete with matching drivers and connecting cable and customized by the manufacturer to meet specific customer requirements.


    These new high torque motors are stocked by Farnell under