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    element14 presents was launched in June of 2018 with a contest designed to discover new electronics engineer/maker/inventor talent capable of creating engaging electronics projects—and capturing the project creation on camera—so that we could release a new episode every Friday on the element14 Community.


    element14 presents is enjoying great success; since going live in 2018 our YouTube channel has

      Gained 40k subscribers (channel total: 658k) 

      Had 7.5million views (channel total:  63 million)

    So why are we opening a new search?  We realize the gender mix of producers roughly matches that of employment statistics in the engineering industry.  But we aim to change things on our channel and provide a platform where women can be seen creating, engineering, and generally being their #badass selves.

    Karen Corbeill, who joined our team as a member of The Ben Heck Show back in the summer of 2015 and took the lead on The Learning Circuit (which launched in March of 2017), didn't need to be a part of the contest.  She was already in!

    You don't have to be the next Simone Giertz or Lady Ada  to enter (although wouldn't that be cool?). All you need is electronics skills, a video camera, and the desire to make a working project.


    There are three phases to this competition—and a variety of prizes to win along the way.

    Phase One - Auditions - CLOSED

    Check out all the wonderful auditions we received!

    Phase Two

    Do you want to participate in the Project Video Phase of the contest (and you missed the Audition deadline)?

    No problem!

    Just comment below or connect with me via direct message.

    To participate, we're asking you to make a new project - a simple life hack featuring Raspberry Pi or Arduino.  Plan what you want to build and break your plan into steps to make filming your project easier.

    element14 presents is looking for content that fits our channel.  The host of the video opens with, "Hi, I'm [name] and welcome to element14 presents. Today we're going to be building a [project] using [these parts].  Let's get started."  Obviously, that's shorthand . . .  so let your personality shine through.

    Take a look at some of our element14 presents project videos to get a feel for the format we use on element14 presents.   The video should be about 15 minutes long and include an intro of what you're making, with a review of the parts you'll use, the various steps involved in getting it to work, and a final reveal of the working project.


    Final Project submissions are due April 30, 2020.




    Phase Three

    In May, we'll have a #badass Online Film Festival where members of the element14 Community will help us select the winners.

    All women who participate will be considered to become Video Content Producers for element14 presents.  Our content producers receive their build components and monetary compensation for their videos that are featured  on element14 presents.


    Our Grand Prize will be a kit worth over $1,800 including a digital camera kit, lens and wireless lav mic to help you create professional looking videos.

    And each of the top TEN finalists will receive a $500 award.


    What is the Video Content Producer program?

    If you have any questions about the Contest, please ask them in the comments below!


    See full Terms and Conditions