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    Restoration & Repair

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    The theme this month is Restoration & Repair and it comes from an idea from neuromodulator .   The idea is to restore or repair electronic equipment, it could be an old bakelite vacuum tube radio, vintage test equipment, or any other electronic equipment that needs some love to work again. The restoration could include fixing not just the electronics but also the chassis or aesthetics.  This is a great opportunity to fix a device that is malfunctioning instead of throwing it away or buying a replacement.


    Your project doesn't need to be complicated, you can do something that involves repairing a faulty switch and provide some insights into some troubleshooting techniques.  Perhaps you picked up a really cool piece of vintage tech from a garage that needs a little work before its restored to its former glory. A lot of older tech has a larger and more modular design which allows defective modules or subassemblies to be quickly identified and easily replaced. This is in stark comparison to a lot of modern electronics, with a smaller footprint and necessitating more compact, specialized components and package assembly, it can be difficult to fix anything yourself without special desoldering equipment, tweezers, magnifying glass, or dealing with the manufacturer. Restoration & Repair is an opportunity learn about how your favorite electronic devices work. In the process you can bring to life amplifiers, video devices, game consoles, musical instruments, music players, speakers, cameras, phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and more.


    Here are some ideas from previous projects:


    1970's Sears 8 Track Repair by gam3t3ch:



    Fixing R2D2's Brains by sjmill01:



    Repair of tone control circuit in old transistor radio by kk99 :



    5000W Dual Drive Electric Car by deolee:




    Train Repair by Workshopshed :



    Your Chance to Win


    Be Original
    Stick to the Theme
    • You could come up with a clever name that make's your project memorable!
      • This project is your baby! Part of the fun of bringing something new into the world is coming up with a name.
    • Your project could introduce something new or that is not commercially available or affordable!
    • If you have an idea for a project that doesn't fit the current theme then submit your idea in the comments section of the monthly poll.
    List the Steps
    Submit Video Proof
    • Provide the steps you took to complete your project (text, video, or images).
      • This could be a step by step how-to-guide, vlog, schematics, coding, napkin drawings, voice narration, or whatever you think will be useful!
    • If it doesn't work that's fine, this is more about the journey than the end product.
    • A short video is all that is required but you can shoot as much video as you like.
    • You are encouraged to be creative and have as much fun as possible!


    Your Project Examples


    Restoration & Repair
    Worklog : Repair of 20-year old precision multimeter, HP 3458A Non-Electrical to Electrial issue: Battery booster pack repair.




    Your Prizes


    One Grand Prize Winner Wins a $200 Shopping Cart!Three First Place Winners Win a $100 Shopping Cart
    • One Grand Prize Winner Wins a $200 Shopping Cart!
    • 3 First Place Winners a $100 Shopping Cart!




    Your Project, Your Ideas!


    About Project14

    Every month you'll have a new poll where you'll get to decide an upcoming project competition, based on your interests, that will take place a couple of months in advance. Themes are broad in scope so that everyone can participate regardless of skill set.


    What are Monthly Themes?

    • Every month (around the 14th of each month) a new theme will be posted on Project14.
    • Submit your ideas (proposals) for your projects to get feedback from the rest of the community.
    • Submit a project entry in the Theme space once you start working on it.


    What are Monthly Theme Polls?

    • Every month (around the 14th of each month) there is a project theme poll.
    • Vote on which project competition you want to see for the following upcoming theme.
      • The themes voted on during the previous poll decided the upcoming theme.
      • If you submit an idea for a theme that is not used then it can still be used in a future poll.
    • Themes comments and ideas from the comments section of the project theme poll.

    Step 1: Log in or register on element14, it's easy and free.

    Step 2: Post in the comments section below to begin a discussion on your idea. Videos, pictures and text are all welcomed forms of submission.

    Step 3: Submit a blog post of your progress on your project by the end of the month.  You are free to submit as many blog entries as you like until the beginning of the next theme.


    Be sure to include video proof of your project!


    Visit: Restoration & Repair  or tag your project blog RestoreRepairCH


    You have until May 14th End of Day to submit your completed project!


    A jury consisting of your peers will judge project submissions!


    In the Comments Below Let Us Know Your Ideas for Projects Around Restoration & Repair!