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    Welcome to the Connected Cloud Challenge Design Challenge with Cypress and Amazon Web Services (AWS)!

    Cypress and AWS are challenging the Community to design the most creative, cloud-connected, Wi-Fi IoT solution utilizing the PSoC® 6 MCU and Cypress’ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. PSoC® 6 is Cypress’ ultra-low-power, secure, and flexible MCU with rich analog/digital peripherals, purpose-built for the IoT. Pairing it with Cypress’ world class Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo radios provides the ideal development platform for innovative and exciting cloud-connected designs.


    Challengers are invited to use either the Cypress PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer KitCypress PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT) or the PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Prototyping KitPSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Prototyping Kit (CY8CPROTO-062-4343W) to connect to AWS IoT cloud services and turn their ideas into reality. Monitor warehouse conditions, serve custom ads to retail shoppers, secure your smart home, and more, all with these easy-to-use hardware and software development tools.


    Please join us in congratulating the official sponsored Challengers!

    We look forward to reading all of their initial blogs introducing their project designs. As challengers add blogs over the next few days and weeks, you can follow them with the links below.


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    Fighting Forest Fires with PSoC-6

    Ankur will be building a PoC with the aid of PSoC-6 and utmost 5 end sensor-nodes, which will be deployed wisely in strategic locations within a forest, and the following parameters will be analyzed at set time-periods (configured over the PSoC-6 Pioneer gateway through AWS IoT Cloud Services): Tracking Relative Humidity, Temperature, Carbon Monoxide, and Carbon Dioxide.


    If some of these measured parameters go above the configured threshold, then the system analyzes the information and reacts by sending an alarm to the firefighters.

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    The Home Super Smart

    Enrico is building a Super Smart Home Device which implies a series of in-home modifications and some circuit bending (e.g coffee maker, oven, etc.). His current project view has already some clear points, while some others are not yet fully designed. The idea of using the AWS cloud fits perfectly as he has already experienced the usage of this wide platform; about the AWS cloud, he already owns an EC2 server for some years hosting also his sites, a MySQL database and other stuff including components that he plans to use to develop this project, e.g. a nodeJs server implemented as a state machine over a nodeRed architecture.

    Read Enrico's project blogs here




    IoT Gaming Table

    Brian is building a D&D Gaming Table. The gaming table is to know where your representation in the game is at all times.  This project aims to not only provide a user friendly interface, but to enable gamers to know where and what their character is doing in the world that the character is in. In the example of Dungeons and Dragons, most Dungeon Masters struggle to keep a log of what actually happened during a gaming session.  The gaming console would enable individuals (DMs) to have a log of the gaming session published to each of the players.

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    Smart Backup Sump Pump

    Charles's design is a smart backup sump pump with alert system. He will use the Cypress PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT) to control an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to power the sump pump while the power grid is out. The water level sensors will determine when it should power up the sump pump. It will also detect dangerous water levels, so the alarm system can be triggered and send text message to his wife and himself. In the worst case, if any flooding occurs on the floor, the alarm system will send text message as well as a picture. The sump well water level and other status will be updated on secure AWS IoT cloud. Also through the cloud, he can manually start/stop the sump pump remotely.

    Read Charles's project blogs here




    Smart Home IoT

    Cris is building a smart home system which will have the following capabilities:


    Smart presence Awareness, Energy monitoring and reporting, Cloud data evaluation of household energy usage via AWS, Remote control and monitoring of household appliances, LED indication of warnings, Send User notification through TFT display, User inputs via touch and button interface, Arduino shields/ Digilent modules with smart relays & current sensor interfaces, Proximity warning during unattended operations, and with a Connection to local and cloud connectivity via BLE and WiFi.

    Read Cris's project blogs here




    Smart Fridge Dry Ager

    Jared is building  a Dry Ageing Solution.  The plan will be to create a hardware platform with the project materials to turn any fridge into a smart fridge for dry aging in a cost-effective manner. The two most important things for dry aging are air flow and humidity control. Putting the right sensors and mechanisms in place can make the dry aging process hassle free without having to worry about food waste.


    He will build a mechanism to introduce moisture when needed. A scale will be utilized to monitor moisture loss to produce consistent results instead of relying on days aged. A camera can be used to remotely monitor the meat without having to open the fridge helping maintain a consistent humidity.

    Read Jared's project blogs here




    Smart Pill Dispenser

    Jerome is building an SPD (Smart Pills Dispenser) that helps people to intake pills on time with a doctor's prescription. The idea is to create cloud based generic prescription (json formatted) across all the hospitals, doctors, and clinics. This format should be followed by everyone who is in medical industries. Everyone in a family will have their own DB (json) information of pills and timings.  One Smart Pill Dispenser can be shared across multiple users. The Smart Pills Dispenser will be built in with the Cypress Wifi-BLE combo chip and Eink display.  The SPD will interact with users via voice through Amazon Echo.  Users can set timing and reminders as well. The SPD will dispense the pills once the user shows the hand or a plate.


    Features: Dispense the pills for a patient or family members, Voice interaction to get the pills on plate, Schedule it for month/week for multiple people, can work in offline mode with button interface, Displays the stock of pills on E-ink Paper display,  Easy to carry anywhere., Logging medical history on the cloud.

    Read Jerome's project blogs here




    Smart City Connected Bus Transport System

    Yogesh is building a Connected Bus Monitoring System. As part of the smart city project this ideas sole purpose is to propose the need for real time data tracking and cataloging into AWS cloud storage for the purpose of data mining and analytics. Smart cities need smart solutions to the challenges listed in the problem description, and as mentioned before technology alone cannot win this situation, hence we need an intelligent system that will work in coordination as a whole to provide better & coordinated solutions to existing issues.

    Read Yogesh's project blogs here




    Smart Grain System

    Matthew works on a large farm, farming over 10,000 acres. In order to make money with farming the last few years, precision is key. Every year the technology of the machines, seeders, sprayers, harvesters improves, making high precision farming possible.


    But one thing that is really getting neglected is the crop management after it is in the bin... Matthew has a large grain handling facility, but the technology on it is outdated, so he is proposing to use the powerful Cypress microcontroller as the main controller for the system. Each bin gets an Arduino to sense temp, humidity and capacity. All the information gets logged to a influx database which will be visualized by grafana.

    Read matt17wish's project blogs




    Laboratory Animal Conditions Tracker

    Miguel is building a prototype that can track multiple environmental and animal conditions which will continuously be uploaded to an AWS server. The prototype generated data will verify if external disturbances could have impacted the experimental results with animal conditions and correlate the disturbances with the experimental data.

    Read neuromodulator's project blogs here




    An Intelligent Mailbox

    Sai is building an intelligent mailbox. The mailbox will inform users using AWS cloud, and in addition will monitor dog bite alarming.


    To reduce the bill of materials and improve the reliability, he plans to use the PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit by Cypress and plans not to use any mechanical detection method.


    The kit will be installed inside the back side of a typical vertical mailbox which opens on top, to detect the mail arrived. The pioneer kit motion sensor will be used for triggering the device from idle mode, so that the device lights up an LED which is installed on the front side of the mailbox. If there are obstructions inside (mail), the light level will reduce so the device will know there is mail inside.

    Read Sai's project blogs here




    IoT Billboards

    Samyak's initial idea is to use the Pioneer kit and AWS servers which are connected via the internet for an IoT Billboard. He will create sync interaction between the server and the PSoC 6 so that images can be replaced and can reflect that on the TFT screen.


    After this successful sync interaction, he will make a user interface on the cloud so that the project prototype can relate with real scenarios. And for the final submission, he will use 2 PSoC kits and manage them by the server and create a scenario for a different location with a live user interaction interface.

    Read Samyak's project blogs here




    Bio Highway

    Sergey's Bio Highway project is to continuously capture bio telemetry from sport enthusiasts and feed it to trusted parties over secured channels to get real-time actionable feedback.


    The PSoC 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT) can help to collect data from sensors and communicate it securely to the AWS IoT platform. The AWS IoT platform provides important components to securely manage and connect wearable devices to AWS cloud to analyze and securely share vital data, which can help make actionable decisions in real-time.

    Read Sergey's project blogs here




    Smart Pet Home

    The Smart Pet Home will be powered by the Cypress PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Prototyping Kit connected to AWS IoT cloud services to control the sleeping pod of the pet, food and water dispenser, ball launcher, air conditioner, heater, web-cam and Bluetooth speakers, so that the owner can interact with their pets even when they are not at home.

    Read Wan's project blogs here




    Smart Mischief Coin Box

    Leow is building a smart mischief coin box which allows and encourages children to save money.  It will provide the user a smart device to monitor their saving behavior and a smart, fun way to manage financial goals. It will allow users to set a goal for his saving, keep track of user saving (via the screen), and it also will provide such information to the cloud over AWS. Parents or adult users can keep track of saving online, analysis and dashboarding can be provided via AWS for more advanced analysis. The smart mischief coin box, when not in use, will use the LCD screen as a clock and also show daily savings tips and reminders about savings if the user has forgotten.

    Read Leow's project blogs here

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