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    Smartphone Controlled DIY Rover Using Websockets

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    Who doesn't love robots? In this episode, I build a hardware kit and program the software to drive a small, wheeled, non-autonomous robot. The hardware is based around a Raspberry Pi 4 and a Motor HAT used to drive a couple of DC motors. The software is based on Python, using the Flask module to run a web server, the socket io module for sending and receiving commands, and HTML and JavaScript to build a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) for driving the rover..


    Bill of Material:


    Product NameManufacturerQuantityBuy KitBuy Kit
    Development Kit, STS-Pi Roving Robot Kit For Raspberry PiPimoroni1Buy NowBuy Now
    Raspberry Pi DC Stepper Motor Hat Development BoardAdafruit1Buy NowBuy Now
    Single Board Computer, Raspberry Pi 4 Model BAdafruit1Buy NowBuy Now


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