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    Open Source 3D Printed Face Shield


    Local to the element14 Community and Farnell office in Leeds, UK, is a couple and house making a racket, their house is wiring and buzzing 24/7 at the moment as their army of 3D Printers, placed on every surface, is producing Face Shields for the local Hospitals, Doctors and Pharmacies.

    Nick and Lauren have designed an open source 3D printable face shield which uses A4 Sheets of lamination pouches or acetate and 14g of plastic and ~14 Minutes.

    This lifesaving device is now on the front line fighting the Covid-19 Virus. Their design has been getting attention of the local media and Facebook Pages like LadBible.


    element14 Community and Farnell are chipping supporting this project, can you?


    The flowchart is simple:


    Do you have a 3D Printer?

    Yes. Join the Fight and Print for your local healthcare workers.

    No. Consider Donating to their Go Fund Me, or a local cause, below.


    Nick and Lauren's Design

    "Putting our 3D printer to work!!! Help us make as many NHS face visors as we possibly can!

    As each day goes by, valuable loved ones lives are being put at risk by no fault of the NHS. Their suppliers can‘t source materials and their stock is 12-16 weeks away due to an insane amount of recent requirements. With the current COVID—19 pandemic, every hour, day, week, month counts. This week I reached out to NHS procurement and spoke to them to see how we could help, since that conversation my 3D printer has not had an opportunity to stop. I wanted to help by making 3D printed face visors after being told their currently using anything they can get their hands on to protect the NHS staff and patients."

    Nick has published the 3D printed component of this visor, open source on Rokit Forge (An alternative 3D printing Model Hosting Site of his own creation).


    Key Facts:

    • 0.8mm Nozzle - 14 Min Print
    • 0.6mm Nozzle - 34 Min Print
    • 0.4mm Nozzle - 45 Min Print
    • PLA or PLA + Preferred
    • 14g filament per visor
    • Standard A4 Sheets at the Front
    • No Foam
    • No Elastic
    • Prints on any 200x200 Printer. (210x210 preferred)
    • 0% Infill


    Download the COVID-19 Visor Europe ISO 838 on Rokit Forge

    Download the Open Source 3D printed Face Shield Here:



    Farnell and element14 3D Printing

    Currently, Farnell is working with Nick and Lauren and has arranged for delivery of another 5  Creality 3D CR-20 Pro to add to their fleet of printers in Leeds, UK.

    Creality 3D CR-20


    Do you have a New 3D Printer and need a crash course?

    Our 3D Printing area has a series of free webinars for anyone wanting to get to their first 3D print quickly, how to diagnose problems and create or modify your own 3D models.

    3D Printing Webinars


    Project14 Fighting Germs

    Fighting Germs

    Project14 Guru, tariq.ahmad, has tasked the challengers of this months Project14 to help us in Fighting Germs.
    This has resulted in projects such as:


    DIY Ventilators or mechanical air pumps
    Pumping air in Covid lungs


    Germ Zappers

    Anti-Virus Ideas


    Join the challenge here:

    Fighting Germs


    Folding@Home VS SARS-CoV

    Community Manager cstanton has rallied the troops, the CPUs, the GPUs and the humans behind them.

    Do you have processing power to spare, or a GPU sat doing nothing during the day or over night or between bouts of DOOM Eternal.

    You can download Folding@Home and donate your idle processor time to science.


    The element14 community has a team, join us, use your combined might to help us distribute the calculation load and help science understand this virus better.


    Join us here:

    Set your Processors to ANALYSE for the COVID-19 virus