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    Home with the kids? Need something educational to keep those tiny hands busy? 

    micro:bit have your back with their free home learning.


    Many of us are adjusting to supporting learning at home, as well as juggling our own work and caring commitments. Families are discovering that digital skills have never been more important, and will be even more so in the future. You don't even need a physical micro:bit for many projects, but if you do have one you can get very creative with household items like tin foil, cardboard, elastic bands and glue.

    Beginner Projects

    Introducing your Kids (or your self) to the micro:bit platform.

    These are Quick and Easy Starter Projects. Help your kids build an LED scrolling badge, a Step Counter or a radio treasure hunt.


    Have a go with code:

    When teaching computational thought and coding on micro:bit, you don't even need to have a micro:bit in front of you.

    On the Home Learning website you can access the MakeCode editor which has a built in Micro:Bit Simulator you can use for free.


    Want to learn Micro:Bit with element14 presents Videos?

    Join Karen in her micro:bit tutorial videos. This series is a personal hands on set of videos with one of our favorite element14 presents team.

    micro:bit tutorial videos