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    There's still time to submit your  project!


    • Your project can be anything involving or exploring lasers, LEDs, phototransistors, LiDARs, TOF cameras, and more!


    Submit your project from now until anytime on April 14th to have your project featured here!


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    You will be judged on the basis of the following criteria:


    • Follow the Steps - Did they provide the steps it took to complete the project (text, video, or images) and/or schematics.
    • Submit Video Proof - Did they post a video proof of their project?
    • Stick to the Theme - How well did the project stick to the theme of the competition?
    • Demonstrate Originality - Did they come up with a clever name for their project? Or did they introduce something new or that is not commercially available?


    There's been a lot going on and we appreciate your continued support of not just this program but the entire element14 community during these uncertain times.  We'll be wrapping up the Photonics competition shortly so this will be your last opportunity to build your own photon blaster or your own lightsaber using a kyber crystal!  :-)


    The Projects:


    Arduino MSGEQ7 Light Organ - high power LED banks for your backyard party  by robogary:


    Arduino MSGEQ7 Light Organ - high power LED banks for your backyard party




    IR Break Beam IFTTT Sensor  by carmelito :


    IR Break Beam IFTTT Sensor





    Simple light flicker meter  by kk99 :


    Simple light flicker meter

    Photonics: Wireless Communication with Infrared  by fmilburn:


    Photonics: Wireless Communication with Infrared





    LEDGrid Display # 2 : The Laser Activated Display  by dubbie :


    LEDGrid Display #2: The Laser Activated Display





    nanoSense:Motion - Ultra Low Power Wireless Motion Sensing  by bluetiger9:


    nanoSense:Motion - Ultra Low Power Wireless Motion Sensing





    Candle in the wind  by redcharly :


    Candle in the wind


    Color Classification on ESP32Cam  by ankur608 :


    Color Classification on ESP32Cam

    Easily LED  by paj:


    Easily LED

    Ski Lamp  by milosrasic98:


    Ski Lamp


    WWCS - World's Worst Color Sensor - Project 14 Photonics Challenge  by aspork42:


    WWCS - World's Worst Color Sensor




    PiFace, Raspberry, LabVIEW and LEDs  by jancumps:


    PiFace, Raspberry, LabVIEW and LEDs