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    Raspberry Pi 4 International Space Station Tracker

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    Reminding ourselves that a football-field-sized structure is orbiting around Earth at a speed 10 times faster than what the average bullet leaves a gun, is a good way to keep spaceflight from fading from our collective consciousness. And, although there are apps that can do this for us, tracking when the International Space Station (ISS) is passing right above us makes for a great DIY project. In this video, I combine a Raspberry Pi, a Touchscreen, and an array of LEDs, together with some HTML, JavaScript, and Python, to build a simple Data Visualization device that shows when the next pass of the ISS will be over our location—spoiler alert: it happens more frequently than we might think!


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    Pi Touchscreen NOIR FramePimoroni1Buy NowBuy Now
    Blinkt! LED Display HAT For Raspberry PiPimoroni1Buy NowBuy Now
    Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, BCM2711 SoC, 4GB DDR4 RAMRASPBERRY-PI1Buy NowBuy Now
    Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Display with 10 Finger Capacitive TouchRASPBERRY-PI1Buy NowBuy Now


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