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    Current home town:  Sanquelim, Goa, India

    Did you attend university?  Goa University, Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication


    Current Job: Founder at Data Den (A startup aimed at data-driven solutions)


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    Sometimes people refuse to communicate their pain when they are in grief. When words fail, music heals. In this project, we try to create an electronic musical instrument that needs no touch. I believe music isn't just for the musicians but for all! Electronic music production is the way out for non-musicians. The future scope of this project can be a stress releasing musical instrument for general public such that people can just artistically move their hand in the air and produce sounds of frequencies that can heal them. This project is originally done by few students at Princeton, and I happened to like it, the idea of using this for medical healing purposes is of my own, and I believe it is a strong scope the students missed out on!


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