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    Name: Lorraine Underwood

    Current home town:  I live in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom but am from Dublin, Ireland.

    Did you attend university?  Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland. BSc Computer Science


    Current Job: Senior Teaching Associate, Lancaster University. I teach on a minor in Creative and Applied Computing to first year undergraduates. I'm also an author! My book Save the World with Code: 20 Fun Projects for All Ages Using Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, and Circuit Playground Express is out this year.


    Your favorite electronics projects from element14 presents or youtube :


    From YouTube:

    They haven't done videos in a while but Pimoroni

    and Geek Gurl Diaries


    Love these light tiny sculptures by Jiri


    Crazy electronic lights by bitluni


    General making videos by Bob and I like to make stuff


    Geeky Computing stuff by Computerphile


    Your project:

    My project is to hack a landline telephone using a raspberry pi and set it up as an internal comms device in my house. I like the idea of hacking an old piece of tech with a new one and really loved hacking the telephone buttons for this project.


    The project using a mumble server run on one of the raspberry pis, the two pis are clients. They are actually communicating all the time but have their microphones turned off.

    When phone A lifts up its receiver and presses a button it turns on its microphone and phone B will hear it.


    Links or files that support your project?

    GitHub code:

    Here's the phone I used:


    Your Project video: