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    Hello again Community!


    We hope that you've all had a good week. We got two (2) days worth of windows-open weather in the last two weeks and my cats got to enjoy some fresh air for the first time since 2019! We hope that all of you are not experiencing this lack of fresh air and are still making a point of enjoying the minimal amount of outdoor time you might be allotted. Even if it's also snowing where you may be (Chicago weather, I tell you.)


    Today we bring you our week 2 & 3 winners for our Cool Tools Kit Awards!


    Thank you again for all of your entries and for continuing to comment and share. As a reminder - we extended this for a few extra weeks so if you want to be eligible for some prizes, feel free to drop some comments over on Cool Tools Kit Awards 2020! And check out week 1 winners here Cool Tools Kit Awards 2020 Winners - Week 1.


    Our first winner for this week is hifromkatie!



    In her video, Katie walks us through what she currently has in in her code club tool kit! We love seeing what people have in their tool kits/bags so this was a treat. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Katie!


    Katie writes:


    If I needed a dessert island tool kit then it would probably look very similar to my code club (going into schools to do workshops etc) tool kit, so here's a video of what's inside it!

    Not including the multimeter, just realised that's not in the video as its on the desk. That would be an essential too.



    Our second winner is meera_hussien

    He shared with us not just one but a variety of his "old friends" with us that just because a tool is older or analog that it doesn't mean it isn't still perfectly functional and can't do its intended job


    All the above tools, I have been using for almost more than 10 years. I started to buy this tool during my college time back in 2006. Till today all these tools are working fine.

    I always like these tool in hand when working on a project or troubleshooting circuit board.


    Apart from that I recently I got hold of bench multimeter on an auction. The equipment is quite old, but it serves the purpose.


    Or third and final winner for today is Fred27!

    Fred shared with us his Most Reliable tool, writing:



    The tool I use most often is my Yihua 898D+ solder station. I went with a cheap and dangerous eBay station as I was just starting to see if I could manage surface mount. It has turned out to be a surprisingly good purchase - even if it has need some repairs and safety modifications over the years. Sure, it's not up there with stations like the Multicomp one above, but it's served me well and I'm now happily soldering 0603 and QFN (well, maybe with some swearing). I'm not really one for stickers on my laptop, but the soldering station seems to have collected a few.


    I even tried using the hot air gun to make crème brûlée once, but the less said about that mess the better.


    To today's winners, watch out for a message from someone on our team coming into your inbox to ask you about prizes. We have a list of some pretty cool stuff in our giveaway list but due to some potential logistics issues we want to make sure that we're awarding you things you can actually receive at this time. Once our winners have picked out their prizes, we'll be updating this post so the rest of the Community can take a look at their selections! If you haven't received a message yet, hang tight we promise we will be reaching out to you before September April ends.


    That's it for this week, everyone! Come back next Friday to see who the next batch of winners are. Again, thanks for always making it a joy to read your comments and posts. Until next week, everyone!