Version 8

    Name:  Katie Dumont

    Current hometown:  Redruth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

    Did you attend university?  University Of Bath, BEng Computers Electronics and Communications

    Current Job:
    Stay at home Mum of 2. Also Volunteer as a STEM ambassador and run a weekly Code Club for children aged 8-11 as well as other workshops and sessions for engineering and coding for similar age groups


    Your favorite electronics projects from element14 presents or youtube:

    I really enjoy taking apart electronics so enjoy the electronics inside series, recently I've enjoyed the Computerized sewing machine tear down as I really enjoy sewing.


    I'm a fan of LEDs and especially LED Cubes, so liked the LED infinity cube posted by Adafruit



    Your project:

    I have made an IOT button, which connects over WiFi to a pi based Mosquitto server. MQTT messages are processed through Node-Red which publishes the message to subscribers.

    For this project the Pi itself subscribes and changes the screen colour to show the current status of the user, busy (Red) or not busy (Green). The Button also subscribes to this and displays the status to the user for confirmation of current state on the NeoPixel.


    Links or files that support your project:


    Your Project video: