Version 3

    Name:  Liz Franson

    Where you live:
      Chicago, Illinois, USA


    Did you attend university?  University of Chicago


    What are your favorite electronics projects from element14 presents or youtube

    Episode 410: MacPro G5 Cheese Grater with Raspberry Pi 4


    Tell us about your project:

    It's a catapult alarm clock! what better way to wake up than to have a catapult launch a remote control necessary to turn off the infernal buzzer blaring in your ears across the room.  This project uses an Arduino uno, rtc, ir remote, dc motor, buzzer and of course a catapult made from household materials to make your mornings a little more interesting.  This is my first time documenting a larger project, so hopefully, it makes sense and you learn about things besides my hatred of buzzers and desire to somehow make a servo work on the catapult.


    Parts list

    For circuit

    Arduino uno

    6 aa batteries

    Battery pack with jack

    2 npn transistors


    3 220 resistors


    Passive buzzer

    Dc motor

    Ir receiver and remote

    Ds3231 rtc

    16x2  lcd  screen


    Lots of connectors

    For catapult

    4x old gift cards

    Cd case

    Popsicle sticks

    Rubber bands

    Mechanical pencil end


    2 large 1 small bottle cap

    Dc motor

    Plastic gears

    Wooden axle (cut from skewer)

    Piece of construction board to hold motor parts




    Are there any links or files you'd like to provide that support your project? Code snips, 3d print files, etc.

    code is attached as a zip file, along with a diagram of the catapult, breadboard schematic, and helpful links for the parts used

    . dc motor tutorial passive buzzer guide ir remote tutorial, includes finding your remote protocol, printing hex codes, and printing to lcd, libraries rtc ds3231 tutorial 16x2 lcd screen tutorial rtc library, includes examples for dsr3231 new tone library


    Your Project video: