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    Name:  Georgia Grand

    Current home town:  London, UK

    Did you attend university?  Currently attending, finishing up my degree!

    Current Job: Student

    What are your favorite electronics projects from element14 presents or youtube (they can be your projects or someone else's) - please provide links:

    I have a lot of fun watching Colin Furze projects - they're not centred around electronics, but electronics do feature pretty heavily. He's a little crazy - his high voltage ejector bed project is very funny.


    Tell us about your project:

    It's a burpee counter. It uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance of your feet when they kick back into a high plank. I had the idea because I've been exercising a lot at home with my sister and burpees often feature in the workouts! but she's complained about getting more out of breath by having to call them out to keep count... i thought this could help!


    It's a pretty simple concept but seems to work reliably which is good!


    Links or files you'd like to provide that support your project:

    Yes - attached you'll find the schematic for my circuit and the python code!


    Your Project video: