Version 7

    For a NEW project, I am connecting a Heart Rate Sensor that I have from another project to my Avnet MT3620.


    The project uses the Raspberry PI and a circuit on a breadboard. The code is written In C.

    The circuit (Depicted below), contains an ADC chip that  takes a signal from the heart Sensor into  an analog input pin on the ADC

    This  project is working great for me on a Raspberry PI . Here  is the link to the project from the vendor of the Heart Pulse sensor.

    The Sensor and the ADC used are Summarized in the section


    For my NEW Project  Beats Per Minute -- Home Is Where the Hack Is Challenge  ,I would hope that I can use this project as an model of How to connect and read a sensor directly to the MT3620 and port the code to the Sphere SDK.




    RasPI Project