Version 6

    Name: Maria Camporese

    Current home town:  Borgoricco (Padova), Italy

    Did you attend university? Yes, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Information Engineering (from the University of Padova).


    Current Job: I'm currently attending a Master's Degree programme in Autonomous System at the University of Trento.

    YouTube Channel: ... Work in progress.


    What are your favorite electronics projects from element14 presents or youtube (they can be your projects or someone else's) - please provide links:

    I'm very undecided because I like a lot of them... I will link my favorite project from element14 presents: .



    Your project:

    I have realized a smartboard to keep in the kitchen to remind you about the food that is about to expire

    Food waste is something that really annoys me.

    I have used basic materials I could get in my studio apartment in Trento because I could not go back home due to the coronavirus quarantine, but I hope it's not a problem!


    I'm sorry for my English in the video, but I could not record again the videos or the audios too many times because I am very busy with my university lessons



    Links or files that support your project: You can find the components and the code I used to make the smardboard work at


    Your Project video: